Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 3.2: A Grim Reunion

Daven began his explanation of the destiny of the party with the legend of the Seers. The legend tells of a faraway plane known as the Ursa, which was ruled by an entity more powerful than the Gods themselves. This entity constructed a weapon capable of destroying an entire plane in the blink of an eye, which was operated by six angels known as the Seers. He used this weapon to destroy the planes of evil whose presence threatened the existence of the universe. One day, this entity ordered the destruction of the material plane where earth was located. The seers were familiar with this plane and questioned their master’s motives. The entity was furious and declared that they would be killed if they did not comply. The Seers took pity on the dwellers of this Material plane, and left the Ursa, taking refuge on Earth. At first their presence was embraced, and they lived peacefully with mankind, but when the empire learned the truth, they persecuted the Seers. The angels fled and eventually died, but they left a legacy within the empire so that their mission could be completed. First they imprinted their knowledge on how to operate the Ursa onto six crystals, and scattered them throughout the land. They also mated with the residents of the kingdoms so that their blood would be passed down, and their descendants could find and use the crystals if the need ever arose. Daven explained that ever since that time a secret war has been waged between the empire and the descendants of the Seers, the latter a group to which our heroes and he belong. Since a secret war could not be fought by a large conventional army, the empire gathered the six most powerful warriors in the kingdom to find the crystals and eliminate anyone they found with Seer blood.

Daven dismissed the party explaining that Mayor Oslo wished to speak with them. Horace attempted to search for the remaining crystals using Galuf’s Glass but it didn’t seem to be working, so he took it to a shop he knew which repaired magical items. Abadon and Ryld arrived to find their old companions doing well (except for Stanley who had lost his dog, Buddy), but were informed that even though Oslo’s Grove had survived the battle against the bandits, it had incured heavy losses. Oslo and co. became hostile when they saw Horace in the party. Before the group could explain, the city was attacked by a pack of dragons, and everyone fled toward the gate.

The gates slammed shut as they approached, and they were forced into a containment center. During this time the man in the foreign military uniform from the sewers approached and introduced himself as Velnas Ordo. He offered 10,000 gold pieces to help him escape city. The party accepted this offer, in order to avoid spreading the plague and to find out why he wanted Daven dead. He knew of a secret passage out of the city through a private gun powder store owned by the city’s wealthiest merchant, Kazrai Sato. They entered the store with Ordo and worked their way toward the exit. As they approached the exit, Ordo held them at gunpoint and explained that the empire offered him a cure in exchange for Horace’s crystal. Our heroes were able to escape from Ordo and head for the exit.

Outside of the city, they witnessed a revealing conversation between two of the most unlikely people. Tobias Grimtooth and Ryld and Abadon’s foster sister, Alysha, stood at the exit. From the conversation they learned the shocking truth about the attack on Oslo’s Grove. Alysha and Grimtooth were two of the Archlords Daven spoke of earlier, and were also romantically involved. Alysha possessed a unique power which allowed her to manipulate the memories of her victims. she used her abillites to aid the empire in its secret war against the descendants of the seers. She was not Jonas’ daughter, but had used her powers to trick Jonas, Ryld, and Abadon into believing they had known her their entire lives. By gaining the trust of the townsfolk she was able to discover the location of the crystal and alert Grimtooth to its location. Unfortunately Jonas caught onto the charade when he was kidnapped by the bandits, and confronted Alysha. Alysha killed Boyle, but in order to continue to decieve Ryld and Abadon, modified his memory to make him believe he was murdered by Grimtooth.

The conversation and the fact that Grimtooth was still alive, confirmed that the rumours of the dragon warrior’s immortality. Grimtooth expressed some sense of remorse for the atrocities he had committed under the service of he empire, but revealed in the conversation that the empire promised to end his life which had spanned for centuries if he served them. He asked Alysha, if the empire was not able to honor their request, to erase his memory of his sins. Grimtooth informed Alysha that all the archlords were gathering atop Atlas Peak, an occasion which had not occurred for decades. They departed on the back of one of Grimtooth’s dragons in the direction of the Atlas Mountain Range.

After the quarantine was over the party returned to pick up the Glass to find it had been stolen. The store owner explained that Stanley had entered the store looking for his dog during the attacks, when the glass sprung to life and the spirit of a handsome half elf (presumably Jaden) exited the crystal ball and entered the Stanley’s body. When they left, Jaden mentioned something about traveling to Atlas Peak.



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