Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 5.2: Full Moon over Fen

After a long journey across the forest the adventurers finally arrived at the house of Cain Zinderfellow. The old sorceror lived alone in a dillapidated tree house, and his appearence was just as tattered as his abode. They were met with a very sour reception, and soon discovered that they were only allowed in because Cain had mistaken them for visitors he was expecting, as a result of his blindness. Trying to play along with the gnome’s mistake the adventurers learned that Cain had been working with “the man with two voices” in exchange for the return of “his eyes”. With the context clues given by Cain the party managed to piece together that the man he referred to was Jaden and the item he was promised was Galuf’s crystal ball. They also managed to piece together that Cain had hidden Jaden’s body inside the Temple of Yggdrasil so that it would be preserved, and had also hidden a crystal there. The conversation did not last much longer, as Ryld grew wearisome of Cain’s bigotry toward’s elves and attacked him. Cain expelled the adventurers from the house before they could find out anything more

Now knowing the whereabouts of Jaden’s body, the adventurers returned to Fen to find a very drunk and upset Fei-Lin. In light of the recent shortage of Elvin bodies for the Worgs, the consul had suggested removing bodies from the temple of Yggdrasil which caused his approval in the Senate to sink drastically. He also revealed that he caused the death of Fenrir, and was therefore responsible for Balthazar’s rise to power, and any harm that the Worgs might cause to the city. Fei-Lin promised to help the adventurers enter the temple with whatever was left of his political career after the full moon.

The adventurers spent the remaining days until the full moon working for The Mercenary’s Guild and helping rebuild Oslo’s Grove. Davian even managed to find time to fall in love with the head nurse at the hospital in Fen. When the full moon arrived Balthazar entered Fen with a small army of Worgs. The exchange went smoothly until the beasts discovered that they were twenty bodies short. Balthazar forced Fei-Lin to give up twenty live elves to make up the difference. A group of brave volunteers sacrificed themselves for the good of the city, among them Davian’s love interest. As the Worgs left Lady Fey approached the consul, informing him of an ad-hoc public forum being held on the Senate Floor to discuss the situation.

As the Forum commenced Lady Fey revealed a petition to impeach Fei-Lin for causing the death of the twenty elves. In a moment of desparation the consul volunteered the adventurers to save the elves from the Worgs. They accepted the offer, some of them more reluctant than others, and set off on the trail of the Worgs. As their journey commenced they encountered Felix Grandbarter who had managed to steal a skeleton bearing a striking resemblanced to the murdered Worg princess Shalira from the Worg’s watering hole. Felix gave the party the skeleton and pointed them in the direction of a shortcut that led through a mysterious cave to the Worg watering hole.

The “cave” that Felix mentioned was actually an abandoned research station that was created by a group called Project Scion hundreds of years ago. Now the station was inhabited by Drow. As they waded through drow sentries they came across empty barrels of gunpowder bearing Kazrai Sato’s insignia. After finally emerging from the station, the adventurers managed to reach the watering hole before the Worgs arrived. They revealed Shalira’s body to Balthazar and challenged his claim to the throne. Balthazar mocked them explaining that the body they carried was one of a wolf cub who had tried to steal food from the Worgs some months back, whispering to them that he had hidden the body some place they would never find. With that Balthazar ordered his men to give chase to the fleeing adventurers.

During the chase Horace saw what looked like Galuf Zinderfellow’s camp in the distance. Hoping that the powerful wizard would aid them in escaping the Worgs they dashed toward the camp. After a long chase which resulted in Abbidon being gravely injured, the party arrived at the camp. To their dismay it was not Galuf’s but the camp of Stanley who had been wandering the forest looking for Fen. The pursuing Worgs stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Buddy cowering behind his master. To everyone’s shock it was revealed that Shalira was indeed not dead, but unwittingly rescued and raised by Stanley. Unsure who should take the throne in this bizarre turn of events, the Worgs decided to obey the old laws and instate the heir’s caretaker to the throne which in these strange circumstances happened to be Stanley. The newly coronated Worg king led his people and the party back to the watering hole to stop the captured Elves from being devoured.

They arrived to find The Order of the Gryphon at the watering hole along with Galuf. The old wizard apologized for his tardiness and explained that he was on an errand recovering his crystal ball, and he had arrived in Fen shortly after the party had departed. He said that he would have intervened sooner, but that it was very important that the Elves be rescued by the adventurers alone for reasons that would soon become apparent. Finally he had the party gaze into the glass to reveal that Yani, Bruno, and Alysha had already arrived inside the temple of Yggdrasil.



Adventure 5.2: Full Moon over Fen

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