Wrath of the Ursa

The Battle of Deep City

Our heroes returned to Deep City to find the soldiers of the city and the Mercenary’s guild outnumbered by the Inevitable Legion. Even worse the giant war machine, G.O.L.E.M, had awoken and was destroying the city. Horace stated that he had a plan, and that the seemingly hopeless battle could be won if they could open the giant hatch in the mountain’s peak. With the help of an orc batallion led by the vengeance seeking Hrothgar and Daven’s soldiers, the adventurers were able to reach the hatch controls.

The hatch opened to reveal the royal airship hovering over the city, with the giant lodestone suspended on its tow hook. Suddenly all of the Inevitable Legion and their war machine were sucked out of the city by the magnet’s force. Lady Nocturne began to attack the airship but was killed by an envious Mercedes. Jaden revealed that he was defecting from the archlords and had been using Lady Nocturne from the start. He had revealed to Sato that Nocturne was using him, and convinced Sato to rebel against his mistress. Sato, with newly formed hatred in his heart, agreed to lend his body to Jaden. With a powerful new host, Jaden was now able to travel to Fen to retrieve his body.

Jaden managed to escape, but Deep City was victorious thanks to the help of our heroes. In a grand gesture of gratitude the Emperor pledged his allegiance in the battle against the empire, and bestowed upon them his royal airship. He also appointed Hrothgar to the Deep Council (the first orc in its history) for his aid in the battle.



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