Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 5.3: The Elders' Legacy

After Stanley had rounded up his newfound Subjects; The Worgs, Galuf and co. headed back to Fen on a long march. On the way there Galuf shared his knowledge about the Wizard’s Glass. As the party neared Fen, they spotted dragon tracks veering off the main road, when Horace inexplicably ran off to follow them in a panic. The party followed Horace to find that the tracks led to the grave site of the original Seer-Blood party many of whose members included family members of the current party, including Horace’s father. Before the party had much time to visit the resting place of their progenitors, Tobias Grimtooth arrived on the scene.

Grimtooth announced that he had led them there, not to fight, but to make a deal. He knew that a confrontation between the party and his lover, Alysha, was inevitable, and he believed that now that the party was aware of her abilities, she would surely die from such an encounter. He asked that the party spare her life, and in exchange he relinquished the Elder Sword, a blade he took from Abbidon of the Dark Moon’s father after he killed him. Grimtooth explained that the blade was created by the Elder Race and had immeasurable power, but could only be wielded by one who was chosen by the sword. Each party member attempted to wield the blade but only Ryld Argith succeeded. As he touched the white gold hilt visions of a frozen ocean floating over a great shadow flashed before his eyes.

The party pressed onward to Fen, reuniting with Galuf and the Worgs. As they approached the city they saw a large imperial army outside of its magical barriers. Galuf explained that Lady Fey’s fears of renewed Drow hostility towards the elves had come to fruition, and there was a good chance that the Drow might try to mobilize an army and create a blockade around the city. Alphonso, Mayor Oslo, and Swift Pine briefly reunited with the party before Galuf took them into the city.

They reentered Fen to find that its residents were preparing for a large festival. Fei Lin explained that the festival of the new moon was an ancient tradition which had long since been forgotten, until Galuf suggested that it be revived this year. Since most of the events of the festival were focused around combat and archery, they wagered that it would be an effective way to quickly raise a militia inside the city without causing a panic. Galuf urged the party to partake in the festival games and enjoy their new-found reputation as heroes in the Elven city.

The party tried to enjoy themselves for a night, but were still anxious to find a way to enter the temple of Yggdrasil. After the festival, they met up with Galuf who announced that he had been forming a plan. He explained, as he poured each party member a glass of wine, that he had ulterior motives in urging Fei Lin to reinstate the festival of the new moon. Since the only time the gates to the temple were opened was when heroes were buried inside, he allowed the adventurers to rescue the twenty elves from the Worgs themselves so that they would become heroes to the people of Fen. The festival was thrown so that their reputation could grow more quickly and their status as heroes would be solidified. The only part of the plan left was to fake their deaths so that they would be buried inside the temple, and therefore be able to access it. As the party sipped their wine a strong fatigue overcame them and the world around them faded into darkness.

They woke up to find themselves inside the temple, buried in ceremonial Elvin coffins. Ryld Argithbegan to feel sick as he woke up, with an intense pounding reverberating inside his head. The party moved outside of the Elvin graveyards and approached an ancient city which once belonged to the Elder Race. As they neared the city, they saw massive golden statues depicting creatures which bore a striking resemblance to Uluru. Inside the city the party discovered Felix Grandbarter trapped by the massive insects that rampaged through the area. They rescued him, but when they pressed him about why he tried to pass off the fake Worg skeleton as Shalira’s corpse, he acted though as if he had never met the adventurers.

The party moved on, descending deeper and deeper into the temple. They saw large murals depicting an angelic being that appeared to be a Seer walking among the Elder Race. As the descended into the temple, the floor became covered in snow and demons patrolled the area. Finally they reached another mural explaining that the ancient magical barriers that surrounded Fen were not erected to keep the great tree safe from the rest of the world, but to keep the world safe from the tree itself.

As they neared the bottom of the temple the adventurers encountered a group of demons hauling away a bound and gagged Fei Lin. When they freed the captured Consul, he didn’t seem to recognize them at all. A menacing voice echoed behind them and they turned to find another Fei Lin standing with a longbow pointed at them. The impostor laughed as his bones and muscles contorted forming the shape of Felix Grandbarter and then the deceitful half-elf boy, Alucard. He revealed that he was an Archlord with the power to change shape, and that he had been impersonating Fei Lin the entire time to gain access into the temple. After several failed attempts to use his stolen identity to get into the temple, he hatched a plan to kill off the party by sending them into the Worglands with the fake corpse of Shalira. By chance the party managed to survive, but they ended up doing the work for him by faking their own deaths with Galuf’s potion.

The adventurers defeated the impostor, and set off for the base of the tree. The real Fei Lin explained that after The Battle of Deep City he began to question the Empire’s motivations. He used his position to research the Archlords but was finally kidnapped when he discovered the location of their hideout. In his research he discovered that the shape shifting archlord used his powers in combination with Alysha’s ability to manipulate memories to create perfectly accurate impersonations of imperial officials. Fei Lin would not explain why Fen had kept the temple so well guarded or why the Elder Race had deemed the tree dangerous enough to construct a massive barrier around it, but he insisted that if they pressed on they would soon find out.

When they entered the base of Yggdrasil they came across the same frozen ocean that Ryld Argith had seen in his vision. Underneath the ice was a massive black object, that vaguely resembled a demon. Fei Lin explained that this object was a fetus the size of a continent, which had been forming since the planet’s creation. From his observations, he believed there was a good chance that the planet was created to serve as a womb for whatever creature rested below them. The roots of the tree stretched down to the earth’s core, gathering energy to feed the great demon, however the Elder Races’s barrier constrained them, stunting the creatures growth at least by a bit.

The party pressed onto their objective, eventually arriving at the Jaden’s burial place. Inside the coffin they found a crystal and the body of a thirteen-year-old boy.



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