Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 6.1: The Empire's Shadow

After several months of waiting eagerly at Moonshadow Manor, Daven approached the party and assigned them their next mission. They were to go to the city of Bastion and retrieve the crystal that was located near there. As the party prepared to leave they witnessed a heated argument between Horace and Daven about Horace being forbidden from going on the next mission. Daven did not give a clear reason for this decision but Lorian Luskan assured the party that if Horace went to Bastion something very bad would happen.

Before leaving Abbidon received a vial of silver liquid from Lucien Moonshadow to build his resistance to his powerful visions. The Emperor of Deep City also instructed Kadghar to seek a former noble, Marlowe Ironhorn, if he needed help during the mission to Bastion.

During the airship journey Abbidon had another vision where he learned that The Archlords had captured Cain Zinderfellow and were using him to spy on the party. A later vision hinted that the true reason for his capture was to help them find some other target.

The party arrived in Bastion to find that the city had been taken over by the Imperial Guard. They ran into Felix Grandbarter outside the gate who gave them fake identification to enter the city. While exploring they learned that a terrible plague had struck Bastion causing the city to fall into chaos. During this time the Empire forced the city’s ruler, The Shadow, out of power and installed the Archlord Ulrich Espher as the new governor. Under Espher’s rule all alcohol had been banned from the city and all the sea lanes had been closed.

The party tracked Marlowe Ironhorn down, discovering he was the proprietor of a speak easy called The Fools Gold Pub in the slums. They tried to enter the pub but were repeatedly denied entrance by its doorman.

While wandering the city, Cashius Rex spotted the party and attempted to arrest them. They managed to get away, only to find that Horace Bartleby had escaped Moonshadow Manor and had aided them in their escape. Horace had frequented The Fools Gold Pub before and was quite close to the bar maid, Rosaline. He was able to get them past the door man and into the pub.

Once inside the party questioned the bar’s patrons and snuck into Marlowe Ironhorn’s private quarters. They learned that Marlowe was a former pirate who sailed on The Shadow’s personal ship. He agreed to help the adventurers get to sea if they could break The Shadow out of The Spire, a massive prison in the noble district of town.

The party entered The Spire to find that The Academy of Scion had installed a complex sniper system with enslaved guard that had been converted into arcane archer and a true sight system that allowed the warden to destroy any intruders trying to get in or out. They carefully made their way through the prison to find that the victims of the plague had been stored in one of the towers and left to rot and be eaten by a colony of giant insects that fed on disease. They also discovered from a timid patient named Oswald with a poor memory that Espher had been taking inmates from the asylum to his island and performing experiments on them.

As they made their way to the upper floors they learned that the warden had gone insane and began to attack his own guards. The Vice Warden had staged an attempt to destroy him, but failed killing most of the elite guards assigned to guard The Shadow in the process. The adventurers killed the warden, gaining control of the sniper system and made their way to the high security area of the prison.

They were confronted with a choice of whether to increase the power of the snipers and enslave them for ever, or free them forever losing their powers. The party decided to free them.

At long last they made it to the Shadow’s cell block only to discover his true identity was Horace’s traitorous father.



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