Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 5.1: The Hidden Sepulcher

After several weeks of celebration inside Deep City the adventurers readied for departure on their newly acquired airship. Daven explained that after their failed coup, the empire was likely to retaliate against the Mercenaries Guild and Deep City. He decided it would be best to allocate the guild forces to aiding their new allies, the Deep Council, leaving the party alone in their mission to Fen. In order to compensate for the lack of support, Daven gave the party their own guild branch allowing them to recruit followers and henchmen to aid them in their quest. In celebration of their promotion Mayor Oslo presented the party with their first follower, Alphonso. Stanley would have joined as well, but he slipped away from the City in order to stop Jaden himself.

Before heading to Fen Ryld and Abbidon decided to use the airship to revisit their hometown of Oslo’s Grove. The old hamlet was almost completely burnt down, save for the old inn where they grew up. They entered their only inheritance to find two strangers inside. After questioning the party found that the two intruders were Yani and Bruno, seer-blood adventurers who were on the run from the empire. The two groups became hostile toward one another, and the encounter ended with Bruno and Yani escaping Oslo’s grove and diving into the River Tidus.

After acquiring a small group of followers by doing jobs for the mercenary’s guildand beginning repairs on Oslo’s Grovethe party headed off to Fen. They were greeted by a member of the Order of the Gryphon whose duty was to allow non Fen-Born visitors into the city. To the party’s surprise they were not greeted with hostility, in fact the consul of the city, lord Fei lin extended an invitation to tea.

The party cautiously accepted this invitation so they could gain access into the city. On entering the Consul’s chambers they encountered the Elven princess Lady Fey. It was quickly made obvious that she did not approve of the Consul’s appointment, and was convinced that the city was threatened by Drow invasion. Simply by virtue of being Fei Lin’s guests, the party was met with a cold shoulder by the princess.

The adventurers found Fei Lin to not only be friendly, but admiring of their adventures and accomplishments. Over tea and a friendly archery competition with the consul, the adventurers learned that the empire had held a fake execution for them in order to save face and ensure that a populist uprising would not occur. Very few imperial officials knew that the party was still alive, and for this reason Fei Lin was not obligated to arrest them. The party inquired about the location of Galuf’s brother Cain, and the Consul explained that Cain had been banished from the city a long time ago. He now resided on the border between the territory of the Elves and the Drowlands, which was inaccessible by airship due to the arcane pollution created by the Drow’s experiments. Fei Lin explained that the Elder Race that inhabited Fen before the Elves had built a large highway of farcasters that extended to the far reaches of the forest, but over the centuries it had fallen into disrepair.

The party set out for the farcaster highway in hopes of being able to repair it. They encountered the merchant, Felix Grandbarter, who provided them with a vital tool for repairing the highway in exchange for an escort to Cain’s house. During their efforts to repair the highway Horace Bartleby and Davian Moonshadow died temporarily. The news of Horace’s death brought Daven to Fen for a short time. In a rare display of emotion he became angry at the party for allowing Horace to come so close to a permanent death. After regaining control, the party told Daven of their encounter with Yani and Bruno. He appeared flustered by the fact that the two seer-blooded adventurers did not join the party, and quickly exited Fen saying something about consulting someone named Dr. Luskan.

After a brief period of rest and relaxation the party set back out to repairing the highway. They encountered two she-worgs, one of them the queen Lady Frigga. She explained that the Worgs were once ruled by her late husband, Fenrir, who sought peace between the Worgs and the Elves. His successor Balthazar, however, ruled with violence and hostility. Lady Frigga believed that Balthazar had murdered Fenrir’s daughter, Shalira, in order to take control of the throne. The two Worgs asked the party to inform them if they found Shalira’s body. Felix promised to go to his contacts for information.

Before reaching Cain’s house, the party ran into Balthazar who attacked them. Despite his powerful sky-iron armor the party was able to maim him and blind him in one eye, before his men came to his rescue. As Balthazar left, he displayed his paw revealing that he was fen-born and therefore able to access the city.



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