Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 4.3: The Mountain's Heart

Our heroes had taken refuge in the small mercenarie’s outpost of Skyrim for several days after the events in the fire mines. Apparently after the coronation on Atlas Peak, a riot had erupted in the city, which Daven believed to have been incited by the archlords and inevitable legion in order to overthrow the Deep Council, and turn Deep City into an imperial colony. During the riots Hrothgar’s companion Bruteclaw had fallen to the hands of the archlord in the white cape. Daven called a meeting amongst the refugees of Deep City who had escaped to Skyrim. He explaind that Deep City was a lost cause, and that the adventurers had to choose whether to search for the crystal in the Elven City of Fen, or the port metropolis Bastion.

Horace refused to let Deep City fall to the empire, and sounded a rallying call for the guild to return to Deep City and fight the inevitable legion. Our heroes, in a last ditch attempt to save the city had Uluru teleport them into the Emperor of Deep City’s palace to try and rally the city’s troops against the Legion. Unfortunately the Emperor had already departed with Sherriff Zed to the other side of the mountain. Despite their malicious behavior, the Deep City guard still implicitly trusted the legion, because the clockwork soldiers had been programmed to uphold order, and were infallibly good. Our heroes headed into an ancient temple which stretched to the other side of the mountain, in an attempt to save the Emperor before he was killed by Sherriff Zed.

The temple was guarded by members of the inevitable legion, and at its center was a giant magnetic loadstone. Horace opened up the faceplate of a fallen legionaire to find that its circuits had been warped. Our heroes found the Emperor of Deep City and Sherrif Zed just in the nick of time. Sheriff Zed had explained that the legion had been lying in wait in the temple for hundreds of years observing the activities of Deep City. Our heroes realized that over time, their benificent programming had beenn corrupted due to porlonged exposure to the lodestone, which left them susceptible to the manipulation of the archlords. They managed to destroy Sheriff Zed, but a loud commotion sounded from the city, as gunshots were heard in the distance.



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