Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 4.2: The Vampire's Den

Daven speculated that the church of Ziggurat for some reason had attempted to deceive the archlords, since they were the only ones who had access to Emperor Ziggurathura the Frist’s tomb. Daven also mentioned that while during their adventures in Bugbear Crossing the Arch Bishop of the church was assassinated, and the new bishop, Xavier Argus, was to be coronated on Atlas Peak. Daven deduced that the reason all of the Arch Lords were called was to ensure that the new bishop met the same fate as the previous one, and tasked the party with preventing the assassination.

an attempted to convince the emperor of Deep City to allow our heroes to watch the proceedings failed. The Emperor stated that ever since the party’s arrival in the city, the empire had been pressuring the Deep Council to relinquish them to the empire. They believed that there was no way to go to Atlas Peak when the Dwarf from the prison offered help. He promised he would send his body guards who could gain access to the mountain.

The guards turned out to be the Orcs Hrothgar and Bruteclaw, who had found work as body guards in order to buy liquor. They helped the adventurers onto the peak where they witnessed the coronation. During the ceremony the Arch-Bishop revealed that the church was in fact working with the empire to rid the world of the “heretics” who were trying to collect the crystals. To make matters worse he revealed a photograph of our heroes removing the crystal from Ziggarathura’s tomb. The citizens of Deep City were outraged, and the party were forced to hide in the fire mines outside of the city.

Horace remembered reading in Sato’s diary that Lady Nocturne had set up camp in the mines to study the ethereal Uluru who somehow was connected to Gantz’ crystal. They proceeded through the mine in search of Nocturne’s headquarters. Eventually they came across Mercedes who still believed that Sato would make her his bride. Stanley and Sato were awaiting at Nocturne’s headquarters. Sato had explained that he had snuck into her lair and was extracting vengeance on Nocturne for manipulating him into believing that she would become his bride. They fought Sato, but he retreated before he could be finished off. Suddenly Lady Nocturne entered the room, impaling Sato on a spear doused with holy water and left Jaden to die at the hands of the party.

Jaden, in a desperate plea for his life, offered to return Stanley’s body and Uluru, as well as reveal the locations of the remaining three crystals, in exchange for his life. As they left, Jaden hinted that something terrible would soon happen to Deep City.



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