Abbidon of the Dark Moon

A strange fellow who specializes in the Arcane


He was raised by his foster father Jonas Boyle in the tiny hamlet of Oslo’s Grove. There was no knowledge of his parents at hand until the day Horace Bartleby showed Abbidon a journal written by his father, Thorin Darkmoon. He discovered at the age of 22 that his father was a human fighter, a leader of the Mercenary’s Guild. His father was a great warrior leading the fight against The Empire and The Archlords. His mother was an elf named Penelope who stayed at home while her husband left for long periods of time fighting for salvation. Both of Abbidon’s parents where killed by The Archlords the same people who are now trying to kill him.

Before his father’s death he left young Abbidon to the care of his good and trusting friend Jonas Boyle, along with Ryld Argith a full elf. Growing up together, both Ryld and Abbidon became close friends. While Ryld spent his time adventuring in the outdoors killing small animals and practicing his combat skills, Abbidon spent his time reading and learning inside. Even though they both have completely diffrent personalities, together they make an unstoppable team, one specializing in fighting while the other in magic. At the age of 12, Abbidon began to have strange experiences. Such as the time when the barn was almost burned down due to a blast of fire that shot from his eyes in extreme anger when Ryld teased him for being physically weak. Or the time the inn was levitating 20 feet off the ground due to a strong magical aurora emitting from Abbidon in a deep sleep. One day a stranger came to Oslo’s Grove, a short hooded individual who’s voice sounded aged. This stranger taught him how to control this power, disappearing only leaving a book of spells behind. Growing up, Abbidon always hoped for something more. Life was good but rather dull in the Grove, wanting to travel the world and grow in knowledge and ability. At 21, Abbidon had his wish granted by falling into a wild adventure with his best friend Ryld trying to stop The Archlords, the dark sorcerer Jaden and the Empire from causing complete destruction or worse….


  • Ryld Argith
  • Aust
  • Davian
  • Horace Bartleby
  • Galuf Zinderfellow
  • Swift Pine


  • The Archlords
  • Horace Bartleby Senior
  • Rex the famous actor
  • Jaden
  • Balthazar
  • Alysha Boyle
  • Yani
  • Brüno

Abbidon of the Dark Moon

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