Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 4.1: Inevitable Capture

Our heroes arrived at Deep City, a collosal three tiered metropolis carved out of the hollowed out inner-face of a mountain. Deep City had a stringent law forbidding the use of magic, which was enforced strictly (despite the outcries of some disgruntled citizens) by a race of mechanical beings new to the Deep Council known as the Inevitable Legion. Daven believed that Alucard was able to discern their location and attack them, because the archlords now possesed the Wizard’s Glass. He also recounted the tale of the lost crystal; which was supposed to have been created by the Seer Gantz, however there was no record of it ever having existed. Some feared that Gantz never created a crystal, leaving the powers of the Ursa lost forever after his death. He did write a short chronicle of his life, however the pages were scattered and eventually lost.

Oslo arrived at Deep City and reported that he witnessed Horace Bartleby being taken into the Inevitable Legion Embassy. This report was confirmed, by Alphonso who helped convince a Dwarven senator (coincidentally the same dwarf who was imprisoned in Oslo’s Grove) to allow the party access into the embassy. After sneaking into a forbidden area of the embassy they witnessed a conversation between a man in a flowing white cape and the leader of the Inevitable Legion, Sherriff Zed. They learned the man speaking to the sheriff was also an Arch-Lord, who was making some sort of deal with the Legion suggesting that the Legion was actually under imperial control.

They proceeded deeper into the embassy, finally stumbling upon the cell where Horace was being held. He informed them that the Legion had discovered a crystal inside of a tomb, which they had connected to the embassy through a portal. The adventurers quickly scurried into the portal and began to wade through the tomb in search of the crystal. Upon reaching the final chamber our heroes came to the horrifying realization that they were unwittingly trespassing on the tomb of Emperor Ziggurathura the 1st (think Jesus and George Washington rolled into one). They found the crystal clenched in the dead king’s hand, but upon removing it, a brilliant white flash overtook them and they were attacked by several Inevitable Legionnaires. With some quick thinking, they were able to escape the tomb alive.

Horace was a bit perplexed at the crystal’s location because King Ziggurathura died half a millennium ago, and the Seers did not arrive on the planet until two centuries ago. The adventurers shook off this paradox and proceeded to tell Daven of the events which had occurred. Upon inspecting the crystal Daven announced that the Arch-Lords had been deceived, and the crystal from the tomb was a counterfeit.

Adventure 4.0: A Block in the Road

Our heroes travelled by horesback to Deep City in order to discover the reasons for the archlord’s gathering on Atlas Peak, and gain the favor of the Deep Council; the only political power independant of the empire’s grasp on the continent. They came across a timid looking half-elf named Alucard who asked for assistance in freeing a giant eagle which had been captured by a platoon of imperial soldiers. The adventureres decided to aid him, making short work of the soldiers. After the eagle was freed, Alucard revealed that he was an Archlord en route to the meeting on Atlas Peak. He boasted the power of the archlords, and claimed to take pity on the heroes offering them the opportunity to take the giant eagle and escape, removing themselves from the secret war peacefully in exchange for the two crystals they carried. Horace feigned accepting the offer but pinned the traitor down long enough for the rest of the party to escape on the eagle. They left for Deep City unsure of Horace’s fate.

Adventure 3.3: Crystal and Blood

Daven announced that he was departing for Deep City (The Dwarven capitol, which was near Atlas Peak) in order to petition the aid of the Deep Council (Deep City’s governing body) and see what the Archlords were up to. He instructed our heroes to recover a crystal that had recently arrived in the city. It rested in the wealthy merchant, Kazrai Sato’s mansion. The adventurers set about the city to gather information on Kazrai Sato, and discovered that his prowess in business was due to vampire’s charisma. He had recently left his mansion to go to Deep City for reasons unknown. Rumors led them to believe that Sato often took in virgin mistresses in order to slake his thirst for blood, and that his current one, Mercedes, was tending the mansion.

Disguised as actors, the party entered the mansion and struck Mercedes down with an arrow. The proceeded into the basement and found Sato’s diary. It revealed that Sato was a vampire in the Alabastrian bloodline, who sought to mate with the last remaining survivor of the Draculian bloodline, the Archlord Lady Nocturne. In order to court her Sato had served Lady Nocturne faithfully, by guarding the crystal which had been entrusted to Lady Nocturene by Jaden.

Our heroes found Murdoch guarding the crystal. Making short work of the traitorous wizard and exiting the mansion with the crystal. On their way out they encountered Mercedes. She removed the arrow from her back announcing that she too was a vampire, and believed, contrary to the statements in his journal, that Sato was going to make her his bride. They battled Mercedes, but she managed to escape. With the crystal in hand they exited the City of Seine and departed for Atlas Peak and Deep City

Adventure 3.2: A Grim Reunion

Daven began his explanation of the destiny of the party with the legend of the Seers. The legend tells of a faraway plane known as the Ursa, which was ruled by an entity more powerful than the Gods themselves. This entity constructed a weapon capable of destroying an entire plane in the blink of an eye, which was operated by six angels known as the Seers. He used this weapon to destroy the planes of evil whose presence threatened the existence of the universe. One day, this entity ordered the destruction of the material plane where earth was located. The seers were familiar with this plane and questioned their master’s motives. The entity was furious and declared that they would be killed if they did not comply. The Seers took pity on the dwellers of this Material plane, and left the Ursa, taking refuge on Earth. At first their presence was embraced, and they lived peacefully with mankind, but when the empire learned the truth, they persecuted the Seers. The angels fled and eventually died, but they left a legacy within the empire so that their mission could be completed. First they imprinted their knowledge on how to operate the Ursa onto six crystals, and scattered them throughout the land. They also mated with the residents of the kingdoms so that their blood would be passed down, and their descendants could find and use the crystals if the need ever arose. Daven explained that ever since that time a secret war has been waged between the empire and the descendants of the Seers, the latter a group to which our heroes and he belong. Since a secret war could not be fought by a large conventional army, the empire gathered the six most powerful warriors in the kingdom to find the crystals and eliminate anyone they found with Seer blood.

Daven dismissed the party explaining that Mayor Oslo wished to speak with them. Horace attempted to search for the remaining crystals using Galuf’s Glass but it didn’t seem to be working, so he took it to a shop he knew which repaired magical items. Abadon and Ryld arrived to find their old companions doing well (except for Stanley who had lost his dog, Buddy), but were informed that even though Oslo’s Grove had survived the battle against the bandits, it had incured heavy losses. Oslo and co. became hostile when they saw Horace in the party. Before the group could explain, the city was attacked by a pack of dragons, and everyone fled toward the gate.

The gates slammed shut as they approached, and they were forced into a containment center. During this time the man in the foreign military uniform from the sewers approached and introduced himself as Velnas Ordo. He offered 10,000 gold pieces to help him escape city. The party accepted this offer, in order to avoid spreading the plague and to find out why he wanted Daven dead. He knew of a secret passage out of the city through a private gun powder store owned by the city’s wealthiest merchant, Kazrai Sato. They entered the store with Ordo and worked their way toward the exit. As they approached the exit, Ordo held them at gunpoint and explained that the empire offered him a cure in exchange for Horace’s crystal. Our heroes were able to escape from Ordo and head for the exit.

Outside of the city, they witnessed a revealing conversation between two of the most unlikely people. Tobias Grimtooth and Ryld and Abadon’s foster sister, Alysha, stood at the exit. From the conversation they learned the shocking truth about the attack on Oslo’s Grove. Alysha and Grimtooth were two of the Archlords Daven spoke of earlier, and were also romantically involved. Alysha possessed a unique power which allowed her to manipulate the memories of her victims. she used her abillites to aid the empire in its secret war against the descendants of the seers. She was not Jonas’ daughter, but had used her powers to trick Jonas, Ryld, and Abadon into believing they had known her their entire lives. By gaining the trust of the townsfolk she was able to discover the location of the crystal and alert Grimtooth to its location. Unfortunately Jonas caught onto the charade when he was kidnapped by the bandits, and confronted Alysha. Alysha killed Boyle, but in order to continue to decieve Ryld and Abadon, modified his memory to make him believe he was murdered by Grimtooth.

The conversation and the fact that Grimtooth was still alive, confirmed that the rumours of the dragon warrior’s immortality. Grimtooth expressed some sense of remorse for the atrocities he had committed under the service of he empire, but revealed in the conversation that the empire promised to end his life which had spanned for centuries if he served them. He asked Alysha, if the empire was not able to honor their request, to erase his memory of his sins. Grimtooth informed Alysha that all the archlords were gathering atop Atlas Peak, an occasion which had not occurred for decades. They departed on the back of one of Grimtooth’s dragons in the direction of the Atlas Mountain Range.

After the quarantine was over the party returned to pick up the Glass to find it had been stolen. The store owner explained that Stanley had entered the store looking for his dog during the attacks, when the glass sprung to life and the spirit of a handsome half elf (presumably Jaden) exited the crystal ball and entered the Stanley’s body. When they left, Jaden mentioned something about traveling to Atlas Peak.

Adventure 3.1: To Catch a Thief Again

Our heroes arrived in the City of Seine to find two samurai guarding the gate. They were asked to hand over their weapons, as ancient tradition dictated that only Samurai are allowed to carry weapons inside the city. Before they could pass through the gate, one of the samurai remembered that he had seen a bounty for a group of adventurers who matched their description. Before they could respond, a stink bomb detonated near the guards, causing them to run for the nearby river. Using this opportunity, they snuck into the city unnoticed.

Upon entering the city the party was greeted by the pleasent surprise of finding their old friends Mayor Oslo, Alphonso, and Stanley (with his new-found canine companion, Buddy, wrapped in his arms). Oslo explained that during their adventures in the marshes, a large bounty had been placed on their head for reasons unknown to them. He recommended seeking the help of the Mercenaries Guild, an organization of hired soldiers and laborers whose numbers had grown larger than even that of the Imperial army. For this reason, the Mercenaries Guild leader, Daven had a great influence on the empires decisions, and had a reputation for lifting the bounties of friends of the Guild.

They travelled to the headquarters of the guild, where the barista, Rosaline, escorted them to Daven muttering something under her breath about Horace’s stink bombs. The adventurers entered Daven’s chamber to find the him arguing with another visitor, Horace Bartleby. From what they overheard in the argument, our heroes gleened that Daven had sent Horace to the imperial city to steal sensitive imperial documents. Horace successfully completed the mission but took an unauthorized detour to Oslo’s Grove, where he pilfered the crystal from the Elven ruins which he now proudly held in his outstretched hand. Horace seemed to believe that his actions had greatly advanced the Guild’s cause proudly exclaiming ‘Only five left to go’, but Daven reprimanded Horace for ignoring the consequences of his decisions, saying his actions could have started a civil war.

Abadon and Ryld could no longer stifle the malice in their hearts and attacked Horace to avenge their foster father. Daven quickly intervened and demanded an explanation of the sudden attack. They did their best to explain the situation to him, but Daven only smiled. He explained that Horace’s intentions in entering the ruins, though not well thought out, were not malicious. He conceeded that it was indeed Horace Bartleby who financed and planned the attack on Oslo’s grove, but the full name of the young Halfling who they had encountered in the ruins and stood before them was Horace Bartleby Junior.

Daven promised to lift the bounty on their head if the adventurers went down into the sewer to investigate the planned release of plague on the city. As punishment for disobeying Daven, Horace was sent to accompany them. They entered the sewers and began to fend off the ogres that dwelled there. As they proceeded they found the group carrying the plague. It was led by Murdoch, a high powered member of the Mercenary’s Guild, who was guarded by a man dressed in a foreign military uniform. The man was helping Murdoch free of charge, our heroes overheard, out of spite for the guild leader, Daven. Even though Horace had been raised by Daven most of his life he did not recognize the strange man.

They followed the group into the sewers, but were blocked when the terrorists used an explosive charge to cave-in the sewer walls to block the path. Abadon used Galuf’s glass to watch what happened on the other side. An argument ensued between the insurgents and Murdoch injected the man in the military uniform with the plague virus, laughing maniacally, when he was urged to stop playing around and leave the area by a cold female voice. Suddenly Alysha Boyle stepped into view of the crystal. Before they could see more they were attacked by a group of giant insects who were tasked by the God of Nature to to stop the spread of the plague. After a Short battle our heroes were able to convince them that they were not enemies, and were allowed to leave the sewers.

When they returned Daven told Horace that another crystal had appeared in the city of Seine, and implied that the party of Ryld, Abadon, Aust, and Horace was formed by more than just mere coincidence. Daven mysteriously hinted that he once knew Ryld, Abadon, and Aust’s real parents.

Adventure 2.3: Galuf's Folly

Our heroes brought Sinder back the Galuf’s tower, and rested. Galuf had still not returned from Jaden’s lair. In the middle of the night they were awoken by the squawking of Galuf’s raven servant, Amadeus. They exited the tower to find Swift Pine turned to stone, and the imprisoned Sinder nowhere to be found. Amadeus helped quickly revive Swift Pine, who upon awakening swore that Sinder had been bound and separated from his magic book and spell components, and had no way of escaping.

Luckily, Sinder had been sloppy in his escape and left a clear trail to Jaden’s hide out. Accompanied by Swift Pine and Amadeus, the adventurers set off into the marshes. Sinder’s trail led them to a cave which was once inhabited by a war band of Bugbears. Upon entering the cave they heard the groaning of a large creature. Jaden had set up several obstacles to ward off intruders, which could not be passed by a corporeal body. They found a device in the lair which could be used to temporarily separate their spirits from their bodies. As our heroes briefly departed their bodies they were attacked by a strange and fearsome band of shadow warriors. After returning to their bodies, Swift Pine explained that the creatures that attacked were Shade spawn; a legion of spirit warriors tasked by the God of Death with the job of transporting vagrant souls to the afterlife. They had likely come to the cave in pursuit of Jaden’s soul, which had eluded them for many years. As they proceeded further into the lair they managed to recover Galuf’s stolen crystal ball.

As they descended deeper into the cave the adventurers stumbled upon the large creature which they had heard upon entering the cave. It was a hideous beast which looked like it had been formed by grafting together the bodies of dozens of humans and beasts. A journal revealed that this was the result of a failed attempt to create a body for Jaden. The hideous creature had turned on Sinder and began attacking him. The party took pity on the downtrodden Drow deciding that even Sinder did not deserve such a fate, and chose to help him defeat the beast.

Despite your help, Sinder refused to defect and help you defeat Jaden. Swift Pine suspected that Jaden’s influence on Sinder was caused by more than just charisma and urged them to figure out what was going on. They reentered the spirit realm and realized that an apparition of a handsome dark elf (Who according to Amadeus bore a striking resemblance to Jaden) had attached itself to Sinder’s body. After destroying the apparition, Sinder did not revert back to his old self, but instead followed the party like a lifeless puppet.

After passing several more obstacles, they finally entered Jaden’s chamber, to find an imprisoned Galuf, guarded by a small goblin. The goblin introduced himself as lord Jaden, and announced that he expected your arrival, because there was a traitor among you. Amadeus swooped over to Jaden’s shoulder revealing that he was Jaden’s familiar who had worked for Galuf in order to sabotage him upon Jaden’s return. Amadeus poisoned one of Galuf’s potions before he set out to confront Jaden, which rendered him useless when he attempted to fight, and later freed Sinder while everyone was asleep.

The party did not have time to ask why Jaden had gone through the trouble of keeping Galuf alive to lure them into the cave when Jaden jumped out of the Goblin’s body and entered one of a decomposing dragon corpse. They managed to slay the dragon and Amadeus as well as free Galuf. Galuf was extremely gracious for the help and allowed Abadon, Ryld, and Aust to keep his Glass as a token of appreciation. As they began to leave the cave, Jaden reentered the Goblin’s body and charged toward Galuf with a spear. Galuf was caught by surprise and, still woozy from the poisoned potion, was unable to defend himself. At the last moment Sinder jumped in front of him, and took the spear at full force. The blow was lethal, but the Drow spent his last moments as his noble and kind-hearted former self. Galuf explained that with the presence of the Shade Spawn, Jaden’s bodiless soul was not long for this world. A celebration was held among the Hidden Village and Bugbear Crossing in the honor of the three adventurers who had saved them from such terrible evil, as they left for the City of Seine in pursuit of Horace Bartleby.

Adventure 2.2: The Hidden Village

Our heroes returned to Galuf the wizard to inform him of the happenings in the tomb. He explained that Jaden was once a good friend of his when they attended the Academy of Scion (The central hub of the mages guild). One day Jaden suddenly attacked the academy and Galuf was ordered to slay him. Galuf hesitated to kill his friend, and instead bansihed his soul to another plane, and hid his body in hopes that Jaden would someday reform during his banishment. Galuf inferred that Jaden had returned (it was in fact his jump between planes that caused the interference in the river) and had stolen the Wizard’s Glass in order to find where Galuf had hidden his body.

Galuf assured the adventurers that he was more than capable of confronting Jaden by himself, but asked that you alert his friend, Swift Pine, who lived in a nearby Drow settlement, called the Hidden Village. They set off for the village on an obstacle ridden journey across the dry riverbed. Before reaching the village they came across the portal Jaden had used to jump between planes, which was guarded by a force field that rapidly aged anything which touched it. They bypassed the barrier and closed the portal, returning the river to its original state.

Upon reaching the village the party met an old Drow woman named Vast Oak. She explained that the village was in mourning because of the actions of a young villager named Screaming Fist. Screaming Fist was once a prodigy studying for the entrance exam into the Academy of Scion. On his first attempt at the exam he flunked. Frustrated by his failure, his heart descended into darkness and wandered into the forest. There, it was said, he was visited by an evil spirit who urged him to abandon his quest for acceptance into the academy and take up the ways of dark magic. Screaming Fist returned to the village several weeks later, injured many villagers, and rejected the name given to him by the village elder.

The party inquired about Galuf’s friend Swift Pine, and Vast Oak led them to a large tree in the center of the village. The tree was strange and seemed to have been carved in such a fashion that it possessed a face and limbs. Vast Oak explained that this tree was once Swift Pine, but he died shortly after Screaming Fist’s attack on the village. She held up a large seed, and explained that Swift Pine’s life was cyclical, and after dying he became a seed again, however the seed would take one thousand years to grow into a sapling.

In a moment of brilliance our heroes took the seed to the magic barrier, which guarded the shut planar portal, and used its rapid aging effects to quickly regrow Swift Pine. After the great tree’s rebirth he explained that the forest whispered that something was amiss; the evil spirit had anticipated Galuf’s actions and that the old wizard was in great danger. He did not know where the spirit’s dwelling was but he did know the location of the Drow once known as Screaming Fist. Swift Pine led you to a small cave where you encountered Screaming Fist, the same Drow who had appeared to you in Prometheus’ tomb. He explained that he now went by the name of Sinder, and that the spirit that had visited him in the forest was indeed Jaden. Sinder, in an arrogant effort to show that dark magic was superior to conventional arcane arts, challenged Abadon to a duel. Abadon used his magical prowess to subdue Sinder so that he could be taken back to Bugbear crossing to be interrogated.

Adventure 2.1: The Wizard's Glass

Our heroes had set out on the River Tidus heading toward the Forbidden City of Seine in order to avenge their fallen foster father and find their missing sister. They traveled several days by canoe only to find their path blocked by the mysteriously dried up riverbed before they could reach their destination. As Ryld and Abadon debated what to do next, a small raven silently sat perched atop the tip of their canoe and gazed at them intently. The adventurer’s attention slowly shifted to the small bird who, to their shock and amazement, began to speak! The raven introduced himself as Amadeus, and announced that they had landed in the thorp of Bugbear Crossing. Bugbear Crossing, he informed them, was the home of the eminent Wizard Galuf Zinderfellow, prodigy of the academy of Scion and humble master of their cordial avian greeter. Amadeus then began to explain that the wizard had expected their arrival and greatly desired to meet them.

Ryld and Abadon decided to explore the small outpost before going to meet the wizard. While exploring a local tavern they came across Aust Nailo, a paladin whose family was befallen by tragedy who was taking odd jobs in Bugbear Crossing. Aust decided to join the adventurers in their quest.

Galuf was an eccentric gnome who seemed less interested in meeting the adventurers than he was in meeting Abadon. In fact, he regarded anyone who didn’t practice magic as somehow sub-human. Suddenly, Galuf was treated to a rude surprise when a pesky creature named Uluru, who could step between planes, appeared in the room and shattered all of his magical equipment. Galuf seemed to shrug off the strange encounter and explained that Uluru had been a nuisance to his work for as long as he could remember. He brought you upstairs where he revealed his most prized possession, the wizard’s glass. The glass had the ability to find any object no matter how great the distance or how well it was hidden. This powerful relic could be a useful tool to find Horace Bartleby and Alysha Boyle Ryld and Abadon thought to themselves.

Galuf explained that his insstruments indicated that the river was blocked because of a disturbance in the fabric of the very plane they inhabited. He postulated that Uluru’s frequent jumps between planes had caused this disturbance, and the problem would sort it self out in a matter of time. In the meantime he suggested they go on an outing into the forest to find a familiar for Abadon. They returned several hours later to find the Wizard’s Glass missing. Galuf suspected it was another one of Uluru’s mischievous pranks, and sent Ryld, Abadon, and Aust into the tomb of Prometheus, one of Uluru’s frequent haunts, to look for him. After passing several obstacles they made it through the tomb, but saw no sign of Uluru.

Upon exiting they encountered a fierce looking drow that confidently held the glass in his hand. He announced that he had stolen the object in order to bring it to his master, another wizard named Jaden. The drow summoned a fierce group of monsters and fled. Luckily Uluru appeared in the nick of time, doing away with the monsters using strange futuristic weaponry. Our heroes headed back to Galuf’s tower to deliver the news of his prized crystal ball.

Adventure 1.3: Oslo's Last Stand

Upon returning home Ryld and Abadon found their foster father, Jonas Boyle, gravely wounded. Between grunts of pain and weary breaths he explained that the leader of the bandits, Tobias Grimtooth, broke into the inn looking for something, and attacked Jonas when he could not find it. Jonas’ condition took a turn for the worse and spent his last moments babbling incoherent lunatic phrases like ‘beware the witch of the Ursa’.

After Ryld and Abadon had said their final goodbyes the mayor entered with the only two members of the town militia he could find, the jailors Stanley and Alphonso, to plan a counter attack. They devised a plan to sneak into the altar of the Elven ruins where Grimtooth was garrisoneed through a hidden passageway connected to an adjacent dwarven mine. Apparently the bandit leader had an infamous reputation for sacking small villages like Oslo’s Grove and his men had never been thwarted; rumors had even begun to emerge that he was immortal.

The previously incarcerated dwarf agreed to guide you through the mine, while Hrothgar and Bruteclaw offered their services for further protection. The guide informed the party that the mines were once run by Orc slaves who were forced into labor through the use of hypnotic magic. Upon entering the mine,Hrothgar and Bruteclaw suddenly fell into a trance-like state and began to march further into the mine like somnombulists. The rest of the party followed their Orcish companions wading through groups of monsters and undead Orcs. At the back of the mine you found and Orc “Slaver”, an abolished class of Orc slaves who were charged with using hypnosis techniques and magic to force their brethren into tireless labor. Apparently the Slaver had been awakened from death and was continuing to operate the mine (Mayor Oslo suggested that Horace Bartleby unearthing the crystal had some part in it). After the slaver was put back to rest, Hrothgar and Bruteclaw snapped out of their trance.

From the mines they snuck into the altar room from the secret back entrance that Horace Bartleby had previously used to escape the ruins. There, they encountered Grimtooth for the second time. He announced that he too was searching for the crystal that lay within the ruins. Our heroes attempted to explain to him that Horace Bartleby had already taken it, but Grimtooth insisted that the relic was still there. Grimtooth was an opponent too powerful even for a small militia of villagers to handle alone, but with some quick thinking Ryld and Abadon managed to reawaken the vengeful elf spirits who had previously attacked them by opening the chest the crystal was once held in. The spirits of the murdered elves lept upon the bandit warlord seemingly destroying him. Surprisingly, Grimtooth was not sorrowful at his defeat but strangely thankful for the impending relief from a torturous life.

The spirits were not enough to hold back the rest of the bandits and it looked like the only option available was retreat. Mayor Oslo decided that he would lead his men against the bandits in a battle which would almost certainly spell death for the defenders of the small town. His only wish was that the thief who financed and planned the attack, Horace Bartleby, be brought to justice. Oslo had heard rumours that the thief’s hideout was in the city of Seine which lay further north on the river that passed through Oslo’s Grove. He tasked Abadon and Ryld with traveling to Seine and exacting revenge for their fallen foster father and finding Alysha. So Abadon and Ryld set out into the world to avenge their slain father and recover their missing sister unsure of the fate of the town they had spent their entire lives in.

Adventure 1.2: A Mayor's Ransom

After Ryld and Abadon recovered from their escapades in the ruins, they awoke to find Alysha and Jonas mysteriously absent from the inn. The morning started out with a nasty surprise when Ryld was arrested on false charges of murdering the villiages blacksmith by the villiages two bumbling guards: Stanley and Alphonso. He managed to escape imprisonment with the help of a Dwarf who had been arrested for carrying alcohol when the kingdom was under prohibition. The dwarf thanked Ryld profusely for the help and offered him the incriminating fine dwarven ale as a reward. Ryld and Abadon reentered town to find a large dragon soar overhead and land on the mayor’s roof.

They decided to go to the mayor’s house to see what the commotion was about. They were stopped by a large barricade which blocked the street to the mansion and were informed that the Mayor and his family were being held ransom by a group of Barbarians who called themselves The Armageddon. After gathering information from the crowd which had formed around the barricade they also learned that Jonas was last seen entering the mayor’s house before it was attacked.

They snuck into the mansion using a secret tunnel whose location Ryld divulged listening to a conversation between the two guards during his brief stint in jail. They arrived to find the house heavily patrolled by bandit sentries. Fighting their way through the occupied mansion’s perimeter they finally arrived in the foyer to find Jonas Boyle being interrogated by one of the bandits. They listened in on the interrogation and learned that the bandits were after something hidden in the town that apparently Jonas knew the location of. “The blacksmith we killed this morning said that someone named Boyle knew where it was!” cried the bandit. They also discovered that the raid on the village was led by someone named Tobias Grimtooth, and it was financed by none other than the thief Horace Bartleby.

They freed Jonas and fought their way toward the roof, bribing two Orcs with a penchant for alcohol named Bruteclaw and Hrothgar with Ryld’s ale to help in their quest. Upon reaching the roof they encountered an imposing man who wore an impressive suit of obsidian black armor standing in front of a large blue dragon. The man introduced himself as Tobias Grimtooth calling himself an Archlord (a term unfamiliar to our heroes at that time). Grimtooth announced that he would burn the villiage building by building until he found what he was looking for. He then left the scene leaving Ryld and Abadon to battle his dragon. After a difficult fight and with the help of the two defecting orcs they managed to slay the beast and buy the mayor and his villiage more precious time.


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