Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 1.1: To Catch a Thief

All of their life Ryld and Abadon had lived peacefully at the Boyleing Kettle Inn with their foster father Jonas Boyle and his daughter Alysha Boyle in the tiny hamlet of Oslo’s Grove. One day while during the regular daily grind of chores at the inn, Jonas approached you after returning from one of his many business trips with a half-baked, get-rich-quick plan. One of his friends in the capitol had informed him of a bounty on a renowned thief named Horace Bartleby for 10,000 gold pieces.

Jonas had reason to believe that the thief was hiding in a group of Elven ruins outside of town. At the entrance they encountered Alysha Boyle who warned them to stay away for the ruins held a powerful relic which once drove the elves who lived there mad, and eventually caused them to lock themselves within their subterranean dwelling and starve themselves to death . With the promise of adventure and gold at hand they chose to ignore Alysha’s warning and proceeded into the ruins.

They found that the ruins were now inhabited by formidable monsters, but managed to overcome them fighting their way through to the main altar. Upon reaching the end of the ruins they encountered Horace Bartleby himself. The thief announced that he was not hiding in the ruins as was previously believed but in fact after the very relic that Alysha had cautioned about. He then explained that Alysha’s version of the story was a human fabrication, and that the relic was a powerful magic crystal,so potent that its energy had seeped into the early settler’s crops and drove the humans of the Grove mad. After many years of tolerance the humans went into what is now the ruins, slaughtered the elves, and sealed the relic in the altar room so that its magic could no longer harm them.

Horace proceeded to remove the crystal from its resting place,awakening the slumbering ghosts of the murdered elves. Horace escaped the Elves’ wrath through a passage behind the altar, but our heroes were not so lucky. they would have died that day, but somehow Alysha managed to retrieve their mamed bodies from the ruins and bring them back to the inn. Growing up with her all their life, they believed Alysha was just an ordinary peasant, but no ordinary peasant could have braved those ruins and survived. Alysha promised an explanation after they had recovered from their taxing encounter.


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