Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 6.2: The Heir of Bastion

Tensions came to a boiling point after discovering that The Shadowwas actually Horace’s father. The imprisoned king refused to give any explanation for why he betrayed his own party, but did reveal that Daven had lied about his death. Despite his haughty and arrogant attitude, Bartleby assured the party that all of his actions were carried out for the greater good, and that he had a plan for removing Espher from power. Unfortunately, he had forgotten it during his imprisonment (being alive for 300 years does horrors for the short term memory), but had it written in a scroll that was in Marlowe Ironhorn’s possession.

After lengthy deliberation, and to the chagrin of Horace and Abbidon, the party agreed to release The Shadow under their supervision. Upon arriving back at the Fool’s Gold Tavern, The Shadow nonchalantly shoved his dagger in the doorman’s throat. He explained that Espher used the prohibition to identify criminals and traitors for the purposes on keeping tabs on rebel activities. Lud, the doorman, had been on Espher’s payroll since The Shadow’s imprisonment. Horace’s younger counterpart was not happy with his father’s violent leadership style, and even worse he appeared to be engaged in some sort of romantic relationship with Horace’s childhood crush, Rosaline.

The Shadow retrieved his scroll, which had been stored inside Marlene, and announced that they would need to reunite his old pirate crew, find a ship, and sail to Espher’s island palace located a few miles of the coast of Bastion. The party agreed to help, and celebrated their successful mission in The Spire. During the evening a strange man wearing dark silk robes and glasses approached Abbidon and informed him that his employer had a business proposition for Abbidon, and that he should make his way back to Oslo’s Grove as quickly as possible.

The next day the party set out to reunite The Shadow’s old crew. All of the original members needed to be united, according to The Shadow’s plan. Even Infected Ted’s corpse was retrieved from the ocean depths. The party found Geoff Svalbard, a crippled boarding party leader who wielded two axes and rode a polar bear. Oliver Silver, a world class helmsman who spent his shore leave as a whore at the Silver Goose. Telkan Aidan, a mild mannered cook who had established his own restaurant in one of the Shadow’s old ships. Felix Grandbarter had also served as the crew’s requisitions officer.

After gathering the crew, The Shadow began preparations for the invasion of Espher’s palace.In the meantime the party headed back to Oslo’s Grove to investigate the mysterious business proposition. During the flight over, Abbidon had a vision in which Gantz assigned Alysha a mission in Fen. At Oslo’s Grove the party discovered that there was widespread dissatisfaction among members of the Mercenary’s Guild, because of declining funds.

Abbidon visited the businessman who worked for a company called Simulacrum. The representative explained that Oslo’s Grove was built over a large deposit of manacite, a magically potent mineral that was used for large scale spells like the barrier around Fen. He also revealed that Simulacrum was run by someone named The Archivist, a name that was frequently mentioned by Gantz and The Archlords. Abidon refused Simulacrum’s offer and the party left to head back to Bastion.

Once they arrived, The Shadow’s crew set sail for Espher’s palace. As they neared the palace, Espher approached in The Shadow’s old flagship; The Rebellion. He revealed that The Shadow had made a deal with him to exchange Bartleby’s freedom and ship for his old crew members and the party. Espher took Kadghar and Murphy onto the ship, but before Abidon and Vanya could board, Marlowe blew up their ship leaving them stranded in the ocean while Espher and company sailed off.

As Abbidon and Vanya began to head for Espher’s island, The Shadow approached them and asked them to gather three pieces of parchment from the palace, in exchange he would tell them everything he he knew, and explain his past with the Mercenary’s Guild.

Meanwhile Kadghar and Murphy were taken to a clinic where they reluctantly accepted a vaccine for the plague that had run rampant in Bastion. The palace was built from steel and advanced clockwork technology that was only seen in the fallen Cloud Empire North of Deep City. They were taken to a large dining hall and Espher’s servant explained that Espher did not wish to harm them, but wanted to discuss the conflict between the Empire and the Guild over dinner.

During this time Abbidon and Vanya made their way up to the palace, and found one of the pieces of the document Horace spoke of. It was written in a strange language, but a translation on the back revealed it to be a dissertation on time travel written by Lorian Luskan.

Espher entered the room with Horace Junior, who had been treated like a prince during his brief stay at the palace. Abbidon and Vanya joined them shortly thereafter. Espher explained that he was originally a soldier in the Cloud Empire’s army 300 years ago. During that time the two empires were at war, it was during this war that the Mercenary’s Guild was originally founded. The Cloud Empire used a chemical called Grave Winter to put its soldiers in suspended animation during transport across the continent. Espher was preserved indefinitely after his airship crashed, until the Archlords unfroze and recruited him.

Espher believed that while working for the Mercenary’s Guild, Horace Senior traveled to 300 years in the past and instigated the war between the two empires, using it to create the guild which he would later use to fight the Empire in the present. After the guild was formed Horace ended the war by causing a massive Grave Winter leak which froze the entire Cloud Empire. Espher informed the party that the crystal was frozen inside his old capitol ship

Dinner was cut short by the arrival of the party’s airship, which was piloted by Horace Bartleby himself. Espher dismissed his presence initially, but agreed to reopen negotiations when Horace informed him that someone named Alvin was in his custody. Espher left to go to the war room and instructed the party to remain where they were.

After Espher left, the party followed him up to the war room while collecting the pieces of Luskan’s dissertation and freeing the members of The Rebellion’s crew. The party learned that Espher had engineered the plague that struck Bastion to seize power and distributed it through the city’s illicit liquor trade.

Cashius Rex awaited the party outside of the war room inside a Cloud Empire Mech. The party swiftly defeated the Mech, but Cashius still pursued them. Horace saved the pompous general from the exploding machine, but at the cost of a physical injury which, for some reason was deeply unsettling to him. Horace ran off as the party recovered from the fight.

As they pressed into the war room they encountered both Horace, the younger wrestling the older to the ground demanding some sort of explanation. When the party came closer they realized that the younger Horace had a scar over his eye, identically placed with the one on his father. Horace screamed and wept as he came to the horrifying realization that the man he had spent his entire life hating for the deaths of Thorin’s party was not, in fact his father, but an older version of himself.

The elder Bartleby sat down with the party and imparted a lengthy explanation of how the world got to be in the situation it was in, and how he was involved in it. In a parallel history, there existed an empire far more powerful than the one they currently faced. Their technology was superior to anything imaginable in this day and age, and eventually one of their citizens discovered the secret of time travel. The man called himself Adam and he used his newfound powers in an attempt to become a God. Eventually he succeeded, however in doing so he destroyed the world. Adam was devastated at the destruction he had caused, and set to create the world over again. This world, like many before it, was an experiment preformed by Adam in an effort to return the world to how it was meant to be. He used The Seers to help harness his powers, but eventually they became fed up with aborting all of Adam’s failed realities and fled to Earth. The Seers were later executed by the religious fanatics of the Ziggurathurian Empire, however one survived the ordeal. Gantz vowed to avenge his brethren and resume Adam’s quest to restore reality to its intended state.

So began the war for the crystals. Horace eventually found a way to travel through time himself and began fighting back against Gantz and the archlord’s attempts to collect the remaining crystals. He tried to do this by aiding Thorin in his quest for self preservation, but no matter what changes he made Thorin either died or recanted his quest and joined the Empire. Eventually Horace gave up on his old friends and betrayed them, so that their children might survive to undertake the quest that fate had doomed their fathers to fail. Horace eventually attacked and burned down Oslo’s Grove so Abbidon would be forced to undertake his father’s quest.

Horace advised that the party maintain a friendly facade with Espher, so that they could collect the crystal at the bottom of the ocean. With that being said Horace’s younger counterpart adamantly refused to continue a quest that would cause him to end the lives of millions of people and betray the men he had grown up admiring. His future self bluntly told him, that the boy didn’t have a choice. If the younger Horace did not repeat the (mis)deeds of his older counterpart, it would create a time paradox which would undo the chain of events leading to the Guild’s creation and the formation of the party, in essence, destroying the world.

Adventure 6.1: The Empire's Shadow

After several months of waiting eagerly at Moonshadow Manor, Daven approached the party and assigned them their next mission. They were to go to the city of Bastion and retrieve the crystal that was located near there. As the party prepared to leave they witnessed a heated argument between Horace and Daven about Horace being forbidden from going on the next mission. Daven did not give a clear reason for this decision but Lorian Luskan assured the party that if Horace went to Bastion something very bad would happen.

Before leaving Abbidon received a vial of silver liquid from Lucien Moonshadow to build his resistance to his powerful visions. The Emperor of Deep City also instructed Kadghar to seek a former noble, Marlowe Ironhorn, if he needed help during the mission to Bastion.

During the airship journey Abbidon had another vision where he learned that The Archlords had captured Cain Zinderfellow and were using him to spy on the party. A later vision hinted that the true reason for his capture was to help them find some other target.

The party arrived in Bastion to find that the city had been taken over by the Imperial Guard. They ran into Felix Grandbarter outside the gate who gave them fake identification to enter the city. While exploring they learned that a terrible plague had struck Bastion causing the city to fall into chaos. During this time the Empire forced the city’s ruler, The Shadow, out of power and installed the Archlord Ulrich Espher as the new governor. Under Espher’s rule all alcohol had been banned from the city and all the sea lanes had been closed.

The party tracked Marlowe Ironhorn down, discovering he was the proprietor of a speak easy called The Fools Gold Pub in the slums. They tried to enter the pub but were repeatedly denied entrance by its doorman.

While wandering the city, Cashius Rex spotted the party and attempted to arrest them. They managed to get away, only to find that Horace Bartleby had escaped Moonshadow Manor and had aided them in their escape. Horace had frequented The Fools Gold Pub before and was quite close to the bar maid, Rosaline. He was able to get them past the door man and into the pub.

Once inside the party questioned the bar’s patrons and snuck into Marlowe Ironhorn’s private quarters. They learned that Marlowe was a former pirate who sailed on The Shadow’s personal ship. He agreed to help the adventurers get to sea if they could break The Shadow out of The Spire, a massive prison in the noble district of town.

The party entered The Spire to find that The Academy of Scion had installed a complex sniper system with enslaved guard that had been converted into arcane archer and a true sight system that allowed the warden to destroy any intruders trying to get in or out. They carefully made their way through the prison to find that the victims of the plague had been stored in one of the towers and left to rot and be eaten by a colony of giant insects that fed on disease. They also discovered from a timid patient named Oswald with a poor memory that Espher had been taking inmates from the asylum to his island and performing experiments on them.

As they made their way to the upper floors they learned that the warden had gone insane and began to attack his own guards. The Vice Warden had staged an attempt to destroy him, but failed killing most of the elite guards assigned to guard The Shadow in the process. The adventurers killed the warden, gaining control of the sniper system and made their way to the high security area of the prison.

They were confronted with a choice of whether to increase the power of the snipers and enslave them for ever, or free them forever losing their powers. The party decided to free them.

At long last they made it to the Shadow’s cell block only to discover his true identity was Horace’s traitorous father.

Adventure 6.0: A Spy in the House of Moonshadow

While en route to Lucien Moonshadow’s Mansion Abbidon of the Dark Moon had a vision in which a strange angel was holding the body of Ryld Argith in the Temple of Yggdrasil . A female voice in the background implied that his fallen companions could be useful to them in some way, and that the fact they were dead did not present much of an obstacle. Abbidon awoke from his vision to find that he had been screaming and shooting lightning bolts into the airship’s engine.

The airship came crashing into a clearing outside of Moonshadow Manor. As the party braced for impact they saw a group of dwarves being attacked by bandits and a dragon. They managed to save most of the dwarves from the bandits but the dragon severely damaged the airship before escaping. One of the dwarves removed his helmet to reveal that he was the Emperor of Deep City. He was heading to Moonshadow Manor, because Daven had called for the enemies of the Empire to hold council there.

The Party escorted the emperor to the mansion where Daven inducted the new members into The Mercenary’s Guild. Daven believed the bandit attack was the result of a spy infiltrating their ranks, and tasked the party to find out who it was and report to him. Daven also introduced the party to Lorian Luskan a prophet who somehow used mathematics to predict the future. Luskan originally created The List to find individuals with seer blood who had a high probability of bringing down the empire in order to help Thorin of the Dark Moon recruit party members. When Horace Bartleby Sr. betrayed Thorin’s party the list was leaked the empire, and since then they have been systematically killing everyone whose name appears on it.

During the investigation Abbidon began having visions of Thorin. He realized that the visions were actually Lucien Moonshadow’s memories and the last one showed him making a deal with Alysha. The party descended into the basement to find Lucien only to find him attempting to kill himself. Lucien’s security system triggered and the party had to fight off a giant stone construct. When they questioned Lucien he revealed that in his past he became addicted to The Wizard’s Glass causing fear to overtake him. He saw Horace’s betrayal through the glass but at that point it had caused him to lose all credibility with his party. Eventually Lucien tried to cut a deal with Alysha to erase his identity thus ridding him of the addiction but was unsuccessful. Lucien blamed himself for the deaths of his old party and his son.

He also said that everyone who becomes addicted to the glass is connected and can see through each other’s eyes even when they are not in contact with the glass or each other. Lucien had trained himself not to be susceptible to these intrusions but he guessed that the arch lords were using someone else to spy on Abbidon.

Adventure 5.4: Jaden's Folly

While the party was descending into the temple of Yggdrasil, another group of adventurers were being held captive by the imperial army for reasons which were not quite clear to them. When their captors set up camp in the forest the group, by convincing a half-wit guard, was able to discover that they had been captured because their name was on some sort of list that compelled imperial soldiers to capture those on it at all costs. They also learned that the army was heading into the forest to defend the elvin city of Fen from a Drow invasion. When the Drow laid siege to the camp, the adventurers were able to escape capture and headed north in attempt to escape the Drow.

Meanwhile, just as the party was about to destroy Jaden’s body, Lady Fey and the Order of the Gryphon swooped in and demanded that Fei Lin and the body be handed over. Not wanting to incur the wrath of the gryphon knights Abbidon of the Dark Moon consented to the Princess’s demands. Moments later Ryld Argith sprung back to life, his body overtaken by Jaden and killed everyone in the party except Abbidon and Horace. The remnants of the party were able to overcome Jaden and were taken from the temple by Uluru.

The other adventurers arrived at a small imperial encampment. Luck was on their side and they were mistaken for Alysha’s party that was supposed to enter the city. The adventurers met Cashius Rex an enthusiastic general who ordered them to investigate rumors of an Elvin secession and the disappearance of the human consul Fei Lin. They also met Headmaster Scion a giant of a man who looked like his face was recently completely burned. The headmaster ordered them to confirm the presence of Galuf Zinderfellow who supposedly was had stolen a piece of the property from The Academy of Scion. The adventurers entered the city where they witnessed a Dryder appear from nowhere and attack a half-elf boy. When they saved the boy, he became very frightened claiming that he had lost his memory and didn’t know where he was. When the adventures asked for the boy’s name he replied it was Jaden.

Abbidon and Horace were fished out of a river by Swift Pine who brought them into an inn where Galuf had quartered the Worgs. Galuf explained that Jaden was able to enter the temple through a farcaster that he had built with the help of the Drow using the teleportation techniques of Uluru that had been passed on to Cain. He believed that he could stop Jaden’s efforts by taking the crystal ball but was mistaken. Abbidon set out to find Shalira so that he could lead the Worgs to storm the castle and rescue Fei Lin.

The two groups crossed paths when both Jaden and Abbidon approached Shalira on the streets of Fen. Before they had much time to figure out what was going on the Drow entered the city, ushered in by an injuredBalthazar. They retreated back to the inn where Swift Pine deduced that upon entering his body, all of the people that Jaden had possessed had come together to form a composite personality inside his body. Galuf warned that such a personality would be highly unstable in a body so magically charged and that Jaden could destroy the city if he had a mental breakdown.

With the Worgs and Swift Pine they set out to take the castle, finishing off Balthazar on the way. Lady Frigga and her platoon fell to a marauding dryder pack that attacked them. When the group reached the castle they found the remnants of a large battle which left hundreds of guards dead. At the end of the carnage they found Kazrai Sato’s body. Jaden became upset at seeing the death of a man who part of him viewed to be himself and Swift Pine escorted him to the entrance. The party pressed forward to find Lady Fey interrogating Fei Lin about a satchel of gunpowder. They attacked and were able to subdue Lady Fey. They asked what was going on and Lady Fey explained that the Drow were using imperial gunpowder, indicating that the empire had financed the invasion. Fei Lin denied the claims and the adventurers decided to allow Lady Fey to be released and help defend the city.

Upon exiting the palace a swarm of Gryphon Knights attacked Swift Pine destroying him. Jaden became furious and let loose a blast of magical energy that shattered the shield around Fen. The party made their way down to the base and headed for the airship. En route Lady Fey attacked demanding that Jaden be handed over. At this point Headmaster Scion emerged and revealed that he had promised Fen independence if Jaden’s body was recovered for the academy. During the battle that ensure Galuf arrived helping the party dispense of Lady Fey and the Headmaster. Lady Fey did not survive the battle leaving Fei Lin to look upon a destroyed kingdom, a burden that now rested solely on his shoulders.

As the party boarded the airship they encountered Daven who told the new adventurers that he could take them to meet the man who wrote the list that their names appeared on.

Adventure 5.3: The Elders' Legacy

After Stanley had rounded up his newfound Subjects; The Worgs, Galuf and co. headed back to Fen on a long march. On the way there Galuf shared his knowledge about the Wizard’s Glass. As the party neared Fen, they spotted dragon tracks veering off the main road, when Horace inexplicably ran off to follow them in a panic. The party followed Horace to find that the tracks led to the grave site of the original Seer-Blood party many of whose members included family members of the current party, including Horace’s father. Before the party had much time to visit the resting place of their progenitors, Tobias Grimtooth arrived on the scene.

Grimtooth announced that he had led them there, not to fight, but to make a deal. He knew that a confrontation between the party and his lover, Alysha, was inevitable, and he believed that now that the party was aware of her abilities, she would surely die from such an encounter. He asked that the party spare her life, and in exchange he relinquished the Elder Sword, a blade he took from Abbidon of the Dark Moon’s father after he killed him. Grimtooth explained that the blade was created by the Elder Race and had immeasurable power, but could only be wielded by one who was chosen by the sword. Each party member attempted to wield the blade but only Ryld Argith succeeded. As he touched the white gold hilt visions of a frozen ocean floating over a great shadow flashed before his eyes.

The party pressed onward to Fen, reuniting with Galuf and the Worgs. As they approached the city they saw a large imperial army outside of its magical barriers. Galuf explained that Lady Fey’s fears of renewed Drow hostility towards the elves had come to fruition, and there was a good chance that the Drow might try to mobilize an army and create a blockade around the city. Alphonso, Mayor Oslo, and Swift Pine briefly reunited with the party before Galuf took them into the city.

They reentered Fen to find that its residents were preparing for a large festival. Fei Lin explained that the festival of the new moon was an ancient tradition which had long since been forgotten, until Galuf suggested that it be revived this year. Since most of the events of the festival were focused around combat and archery, they wagered that it would be an effective way to quickly raise a militia inside the city without causing a panic. Galuf urged the party to partake in the festival games and enjoy their new-found reputation as heroes in the Elven city.

The party tried to enjoy themselves for a night, but were still anxious to find a way to enter the temple of Yggdrasil. After the festival, they met up with Galuf who announced that he had been forming a plan. He explained, as he poured each party member a glass of wine, that he had ulterior motives in urging Fei Lin to reinstate the festival of the new moon. Since the only time the gates to the temple were opened was when heroes were buried inside, he allowed the adventurers to rescue the twenty elves from the Worgs themselves so that they would become heroes to the people of Fen. The festival was thrown so that their reputation could grow more quickly and their status as heroes would be solidified. The only part of the plan left was to fake their deaths so that they would be buried inside the temple, and therefore be able to access it. As the party sipped their wine a strong fatigue overcame them and the world around them faded into darkness.

They woke up to find themselves inside the temple, buried in ceremonial Elvin coffins. Ryld Argithbegan to feel sick as he woke up, with an intense pounding reverberating inside his head. The party moved outside of the Elvin graveyards and approached an ancient city which once belonged to the Elder Race. As they neared the city, they saw massive golden statues depicting creatures which bore a striking resemblance to Uluru. Inside the city the party discovered Felix Grandbarter trapped by the massive insects that rampaged through the area. They rescued him, but when they pressed him about why he tried to pass off the fake Worg skeleton as Shalira’s corpse, he acted though as if he had never met the adventurers.

The party moved on, descending deeper and deeper into the temple. They saw large murals depicting an angelic being that appeared to be a Seer walking among the Elder Race. As the descended into the temple, the floor became covered in snow and demons patrolled the area. Finally they reached another mural explaining that the ancient magical barriers that surrounded Fen were not erected to keep the great tree safe from the rest of the world, but to keep the world safe from the tree itself.

As they neared the bottom of the temple the adventurers encountered a group of demons hauling away a bound and gagged Fei Lin. When they freed the captured Consul, he didn’t seem to recognize them at all. A menacing voice echoed behind them and they turned to find another Fei Lin standing with a longbow pointed at them. The impostor laughed as his bones and muscles contorted forming the shape of Felix Grandbarter and then the deceitful half-elf boy, Alucard. He revealed that he was an Archlord with the power to change shape, and that he had been impersonating Fei Lin the entire time to gain access into the temple. After several failed attempts to use his stolen identity to get into the temple, he hatched a plan to kill off the party by sending them into the Worglands with the fake corpse of Shalira. By chance the party managed to survive, but they ended up doing the work for him by faking their own deaths with Galuf’s potion.

The adventurers defeated the impostor, and set off for the base of the tree. The real Fei Lin explained that after The Battle of Deep City he began to question the Empire’s motivations. He used his position to research the Archlords but was finally kidnapped when he discovered the location of their hideout. In his research he discovered that the shape shifting archlord used his powers in combination with Alysha’s ability to manipulate memories to create perfectly accurate impersonations of imperial officials. Fei Lin would not explain why Fen had kept the temple so well guarded or why the Elder Race had deemed the tree dangerous enough to construct a massive barrier around it, but he insisted that if they pressed on they would soon find out.

When they entered the base of Yggdrasil they came across the same frozen ocean that Ryld Argith had seen in his vision. Underneath the ice was a massive black object, that vaguely resembled a demon. Fei Lin explained that this object was a fetus the size of a continent, which had been forming since the planet’s creation. From his observations, he believed there was a good chance that the planet was created to serve as a womb for whatever creature rested below them. The roots of the tree stretched down to the earth’s core, gathering energy to feed the great demon, however the Elder Races’s barrier constrained them, stunting the creatures growth at least by a bit.

The party pressed onto their objective, eventually arriving at the Jaden’s burial place. Inside the coffin they found a crystal and the body of a thirteen-year-old boy.

Adventure 5.2: Full Moon over Fen

After a long journey across the forest the adventurers finally arrived at the house of Cain Zinderfellow. The old sorceror lived alone in a dillapidated tree house, and his appearence was just as tattered as his abode. They were met with a very sour reception, and soon discovered that they were only allowed in because Cain had mistaken them for visitors he was expecting, as a result of his blindness. Trying to play along with the gnome’s mistake the adventurers learned that Cain had been working with “the man with two voices” in exchange for the return of “his eyes”. With the context clues given by Cain the party managed to piece together that the man he referred to was Jaden and the item he was promised was Galuf’s crystal ball. They also managed to piece together that Cain had hidden Jaden’s body inside the Temple of Yggdrasil so that it would be preserved, and had also hidden a crystal there. The conversation did not last much longer, as Ryld grew wearisome of Cain’s bigotry toward’s elves and attacked him. Cain expelled the adventurers from the house before they could find out anything more

Now knowing the whereabouts of Jaden’s body, the adventurers returned to Fen to find a very drunk and upset Fei-Lin. In light of the recent shortage of Elvin bodies for the Worgs, the consul had suggested removing bodies from the temple of Yggdrasil which caused his approval in the Senate to sink drastically. He also revealed that he caused the death of Fenrir, and was therefore responsible for Balthazar’s rise to power, and any harm that the Worgs might cause to the city. Fei-Lin promised to help the adventurers enter the temple with whatever was left of his political career after the full moon.

The adventurers spent the remaining days until the full moon working for The Mercenary’s Guild and helping rebuild Oslo’s Grove. Davian even managed to find time to fall in love with the head nurse at the hospital in Fen. When the full moon arrived Balthazar entered Fen with a small army of Worgs. The exchange went smoothly until the beasts discovered that they were twenty bodies short. Balthazar forced Fei-Lin to give up twenty live elves to make up the difference. A group of brave volunteers sacrificed themselves for the good of the city, among them Davian’s love interest. As the Worgs left Lady Fey approached the consul, informing him of an ad-hoc public forum being held on the Senate Floor to discuss the situation.

As the Forum commenced Lady Fey revealed a petition to impeach Fei-Lin for causing the death of the twenty elves. In a moment of desparation the consul volunteered the adventurers to save the elves from the Worgs. They accepted the offer, some of them more reluctant than others, and set off on the trail of the Worgs. As their journey commenced they encountered Felix Grandbarter who had managed to steal a skeleton bearing a striking resemblanced to the murdered Worg princess Shalira from the Worg’s watering hole. Felix gave the party the skeleton and pointed them in the direction of a shortcut that led through a mysterious cave to the Worg watering hole.

The “cave” that Felix mentioned was actually an abandoned research station that was created by a group called Project Scion hundreds of years ago. Now the station was inhabited by Drow. As they waded through drow sentries they came across empty barrels of gunpowder bearing Kazrai Sato’s insignia. After finally emerging from the station, the adventurers managed to reach the watering hole before the Worgs arrived. They revealed Shalira’s body to Balthazar and challenged his claim to the throne. Balthazar mocked them explaining that the body they carried was one of a wolf cub who had tried to steal food from the Worgs some months back, whispering to them that he had hidden the body some place they would never find. With that Balthazar ordered his men to give chase to the fleeing adventurers.

During the chase Horace saw what looked like Galuf Zinderfellow’s camp in the distance. Hoping that the powerful wizard would aid them in escaping the Worgs they dashed toward the camp. After a long chase which resulted in Abbidon being gravely injured, the party arrived at the camp. To their dismay it was not Galuf’s but the camp of Stanley who had been wandering the forest looking for Fen. The pursuing Worgs stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Buddy cowering behind his master. To everyone’s shock it was revealed that Shalira was indeed not dead, but unwittingly rescued and raised by Stanley. Unsure who should take the throne in this bizarre turn of events, the Worgs decided to obey the old laws and instate the heir’s caretaker to the throne which in these strange circumstances happened to be Stanley. The newly coronated Worg king led his people and the party back to the watering hole to stop the captured Elves from being devoured.

They arrived to find The Order of the Gryphon at the watering hole along with Galuf. The old wizard apologized for his tardiness and explained that he was on an errand recovering his crystal ball, and he had arrived in Fen shortly after the party had departed. He said that he would have intervened sooner, but that it was very important that the Elves be rescued by the adventurers alone for reasons that would soon become apparent. Finally he had the party gaze into the glass to reveal that Yani, Bruno, and Alysha had already arrived inside the temple of Yggdrasil.

Adventure 5.1: The Hidden Sepulcher

After several weeks of celebration inside Deep City the adventurers readied for departure on their newly acquired airship. Daven explained that after their failed coup, the empire was likely to retaliate against the Mercenaries Guild and Deep City. He decided it would be best to allocate the guild forces to aiding their new allies, the Deep Council, leaving the party alone in their mission to Fen. In order to compensate for the lack of support, Daven gave the party their own guild branch allowing them to recruit followers and henchmen to aid them in their quest. In celebration of their promotion Mayor Oslo presented the party with their first follower, Alphonso. Stanley would have joined as well, but he slipped away from the City in order to stop Jaden himself.

Before heading to Fen Ryld and Abbidon decided to use the airship to revisit their hometown of Oslo’s Grove. The old hamlet was almost completely burnt down, save for the old inn where they grew up. They entered their only inheritance to find two strangers inside. After questioning the party found that the two intruders were Yani and Bruno, seer-blood adventurers who were on the run from the empire. The two groups became hostile toward one another, and the encounter ended with Bruno and Yani escaping Oslo’s grove and diving into the River Tidus.

After acquiring a small group of followers by doing jobs for the mercenary’s guildand beginning repairs on Oslo’s Grovethe party headed off to Fen. They were greeted by a member of the Order of the Gryphon whose duty was to allow non Fen-Born visitors into the city. To the party’s surprise they were not greeted with hostility, in fact the consul of the city, lord Fei lin extended an invitation to tea.

The party cautiously accepted this invitation so they could gain access into the city. On entering the Consul’s chambers they encountered the Elven princess Lady Fey. It was quickly made obvious that she did not approve of the Consul’s appointment, and was convinced that the city was threatened by Drow invasion. Simply by virtue of being Fei Lin’s guests, the party was met with a cold shoulder by the princess.

The adventurers found Fei Lin to not only be friendly, but admiring of their adventures and accomplishments. Over tea and a friendly archery competition with the consul, the adventurers learned that the empire had held a fake execution for them in order to save face and ensure that a populist uprising would not occur. Very few imperial officials knew that the party was still alive, and for this reason Fei Lin was not obligated to arrest them. The party inquired about the location of Galuf’s brother Cain, and the Consul explained that Cain had been banished from the city a long time ago. He now resided on the border between the territory of the Elves and the Drowlands, which was inaccessible by airship due to the arcane pollution created by the Drow’s experiments. Fei Lin explained that the Elder Race that inhabited Fen before the Elves had built a large highway of farcasters that extended to the far reaches of the forest, but over the centuries it had fallen into disrepair.

The party set out for the farcaster highway in hopes of being able to repair it. They encountered the merchant, Felix Grandbarter, who provided them with a vital tool for repairing the highway in exchange for an escort to Cain’s house. During their efforts to repair the highway Horace Bartleby and Davian Moonshadow died temporarily. The news of Horace’s death brought Daven to Fen for a short time. In a rare display of emotion he became angry at the party for allowing Horace to come so close to a permanent death. After regaining control, the party told Daven of their encounter with Yani and Bruno. He appeared flustered by the fact that the two seer-blooded adventurers did not join the party, and quickly exited Fen saying something about consulting someone named Dr. Luskan.

After a brief period of rest and relaxation the party set back out to repairing the highway. They encountered two she-worgs, one of them the queen Lady Frigga. She explained that the Worgs were once ruled by her late husband, Fenrir, who sought peace between the Worgs and the Elves. His successor Balthazar, however, ruled with violence and hostility. Lady Frigga believed that Balthazar had murdered Fenrir’s daughter, Shalira, in order to take control of the throne. The two Worgs asked the party to inform them if they found Shalira’s body. Felix promised to go to his contacts for information.

Before reaching Cain’s house, the party ran into Balthazar who attacked them. Despite his powerful sky-iron armor the party was able to maim him and blind him in one eye, before his men came to his rescue. As Balthazar left, he displayed his paw revealing that he was fen-born and therefore able to access the city.

The Battle of Deep City

Our heroes returned to Deep City to find the soldiers of the city and the Mercenary’s guild outnumbered by the Inevitable Legion. Even worse the giant war machine, G.O.L.E.M, had awoken and was destroying the city. Horace stated that he had a plan, and that the seemingly hopeless battle could be won if they could open the giant hatch in the mountain’s peak. With the help of an orc batallion led by the vengeance seeking Hrothgar and Daven’s soldiers, the adventurers were able to reach the hatch controls.

The hatch opened to reveal the royal airship hovering over the city, with the giant lodestone suspended on its tow hook. Suddenly all of the Inevitable Legion and their war machine were sucked out of the city by the magnet’s force. Lady Nocturne began to attack the airship but was killed by an envious Mercedes. Jaden revealed that he was defecting from the archlords and had been using Lady Nocturne from the start. He had revealed to Sato that Nocturne was using him, and convinced Sato to rebel against his mistress. Sato, with newly formed hatred in his heart, agreed to lend his body to Jaden. With a powerful new host, Jaden was now able to travel to Fen to retrieve his body.

Jaden managed to escape, but Deep City was victorious thanks to the help of our heroes. In a grand gesture of gratitude the Emperor pledged his allegiance in the battle against the empire, and bestowed upon them his royal airship. He also appointed Hrothgar to the Deep Council (the first orc in its history) for his aid in the battle.

Adventure 4.3: The Mountain's Heart

Our heroes had taken refuge in the small mercenarie’s outpost of Skyrim for several days after the events in the fire mines. Apparently after the coronation on Atlas Peak, a riot had erupted in the city, which Daven believed to have been incited by the archlords and inevitable legion in order to overthrow the Deep Council, and turn Deep City into an imperial colony. During the riots Hrothgar’s companion Bruteclaw had fallen to the hands of the archlord in the white cape. Daven called a meeting amongst the refugees of Deep City who had escaped to Skyrim. He explaind that Deep City was a lost cause, and that the adventurers had to choose whether to search for the crystal in the Elven City of Fen, or the port metropolis Bastion.

Horace refused to let Deep City fall to the empire, and sounded a rallying call for the guild to return to Deep City and fight the inevitable legion. Our heroes, in a last ditch attempt to save the city had Uluru teleport them into the Emperor of Deep City’s palace to try and rally the city’s troops against the Legion. Unfortunately the Emperor had already departed with Sherriff Zed to the other side of the mountain. Despite their malicious behavior, the Deep City guard still implicitly trusted the legion, because the clockwork soldiers had been programmed to uphold order, and were infallibly good. Our heroes headed into an ancient temple which stretched to the other side of the mountain, in an attempt to save the Emperor before he was killed by Sherriff Zed.

The temple was guarded by members of the inevitable legion, and at its center was a giant magnetic loadstone. Horace opened up the faceplate of a fallen legionaire to find that its circuits had been warped. Our heroes found the Emperor of Deep City and Sherrif Zed just in the nick of time. Sheriff Zed had explained that the legion had been lying in wait in the temple for hundreds of years observing the activities of Deep City. Our heroes realized that over time, their benificent programming had beenn corrupted due to porlonged exposure to the lodestone, which left them susceptible to the manipulation of the archlords. They managed to destroy Sheriff Zed, but a loud commotion sounded from the city, as gunshots were heard in the distance.

Adventure 4.2: The Vampire's Den

Daven speculated that the church of Ziggurat for some reason had attempted to deceive the archlords, since they were the only ones who had access to Emperor Ziggurathura the Frist’s tomb. Daven also mentioned that while during their adventures in Bugbear Crossing the Arch Bishop of the church was assassinated, and the new bishop, Xavier Argus, was to be coronated on Atlas Peak. Daven deduced that the reason all of the Arch Lords were called was to ensure that the new bishop met the same fate as the previous one, and tasked the party with preventing the assassination.

an attempted to convince the emperor of Deep City to allow our heroes to watch the proceedings failed. The Emperor stated that ever since the party’s arrival in the city, the empire had been pressuring the Deep Council to relinquish them to the empire. They believed that there was no way to go to Atlas Peak when the Dwarf from the prison offered help. He promised he would send his body guards who could gain access to the mountain.

The guards turned out to be the Orcs Hrothgar and Bruteclaw, who had found work as body guards in order to buy liquor. They helped the adventurers onto the peak where they witnessed the coronation. During the ceremony the Arch-Bishop revealed that the church was in fact working with the empire to rid the world of the “heretics” who were trying to collect the crystals. To make matters worse he revealed a photograph of our heroes removing the crystal from Ziggarathura’s tomb. The citizens of Deep City were outraged, and the party were forced to hide in the fire mines outside of the city.

Horace remembered reading in Sato’s diary that Lady Nocturne had set up camp in the mines to study the ethereal Uluru who somehow was connected to Gantz’ crystal. They proceeded through the mine in search of Nocturne’s headquarters. Eventually they came across Mercedes who still believed that Sato would make her his bride. Stanley and Sato were awaiting at Nocturne’s headquarters. Sato had explained that he had snuck into her lair and was extracting vengeance on Nocturne for manipulating him into believing that she would become his bride. They fought Sato, but he retreated before he could be finished off. Suddenly Lady Nocturne entered the room, impaling Sato on a spear doused with holy water and left Jaden to die at the hands of the party.

Jaden, in a desperate plea for his life, offered to return Stanley’s body and Uluru, as well as reveal the locations of the remaining three crystals, in exchange for his life. As they left, Jaden hinted that something terrible would soon happen to Deep City.


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