Vital Stats

Name: Alphonso Age: 32
Race: Human Gender: Male
Class: Fighter Current Status: Alive


Alphonso has lived his entire life in the small village of Oslo’s Grove, and spent most of his career serving in the town guard under Mayor Oslo. Unfortunately he never developed into a particularly competent fighter, and has worked as a B-string guard, tending to the small jail with his partner Stanley, with whom he has developed a strange and complicated relationship. Alphonso often projects his delusions of self importance on Stanley by holding erroneous board meetings and ordering him around, even though they technically possess the same rank. Alphonso often insists that his partner is a useless hanger-on whose hijinks drive him insane, but it is clear that Alphonso deeply cares for Stanley, and is often completely lost when the two are separated.

When Tobias Grimtooth attacked Oslo’s Gove, most of the town militia was wiped out, promoting Alphonso and Stanley to Mayor Oslo’s personal body guards by default. Since then they have traveled along with the mayor to support the party across the kingdom and beyond.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby