Vital Stats

Name: Alysha Boyle Age: 24
Race: Human Gender: Female
Class: Unknown Current Status: Alive


Little is known about Alysha’s childhood. Her appearence lends most to believe she is simply an unremarkable human, but beyond the deceptive veneer of an innocent peasent girl lies an incedible power. Alysha is able to manipulate the memories of anyone she comes in contace with. At some point in her life, the empire took notice of her abillities and recruited her into the secret organization of the archlords. As an archlord Alysha used her abillity to gain the trust of the enemies of the empire by decieving them into believing she was a family member or lover. She decieved Abadon and Ryld by posing as the daughter or their foster father Jonas Boyle, and it is unknown if she has manipulated the memories of other members of the party. Alysha has spent most of her life in the personas she has developed to deceive her enemies, and little is known about her actual personality or if she even actually has one.

During her work as an archlord she met Tobias Grimtooth, another archlord who she became romantically involved with. After working together for some time, Grimtooth asked Alysha to erase all of his memories of being an archlord after their mission had been completed. Even though this would mean erasing their relationship from his memories she agreed. Since very little has actually been seen of Alysha’s true personality, it is unclear how she feels about this.

Alysha was last seen through Galuf’s crystal ball with Yani and Bruno entering the temple of Yggdrasil.

Appears in


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby