Vital Stats

Name: Amadeus Age: Unknown
Race: Familiar (Raven) Gender: Male
Class: Familiar Current Status: Deceased


Amadeus was a familiar created by the infamous wizard and archlord Jaden. He aided his master when he attacked The Academy of Scion. Unfortunately Jaden was defeated by his friend and colleague at the Academy, Galuf. Galuf spared Jaden’s life, but banished his soul to another plane and hid his body. Even though Jaden had been defeated, since his soul and body were still intact Amadeus survived the battle.

After the battle, Galuf was excommunicated from the Academy and went to live in the remote marsh settlement of Bugbear Crossing. Amadeus followed his master’s enemy to the small village, and offered himself as an assistant and servant. For forty years Amadeus served under Galuf, aiding in arcane experiments and the daily running of Bugbear Crossing. When Galuf went to confront Jaden, whose soul had returned to the material plane, Amadeus poisoned one of his potions, allowing the weakened Jaden to capture the old Wizard. When the party confronted Jaden to rescue Galuf, he finally reunited with his old master. The reunion was short lived, however and Amadeus was killed in the battle.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby