Atlas Peak

Name Atlas Peak Location The Atlas Range
Population 0 Allegiance The Empire


Atlas Peak is the largest mountain in the world, and is the setting of one of the most important events in Ziggurathurian history and mythology. Legend has it that during the early days of Ziggurathura I’s reign, mankind was blessed by Zigurat, the king of the gods and father of Ziggurathura. They were protected from the fiends of the forest, the death of drought and famine, and the pain of childbirth. In exchange the humans were to sacrifice their excess livestock to the gods.

The demon god Aser, Zigurat’s servant, was not pleased with this pact because his evil spirits were not allowed to torment humankind. So he called Ziggurathura to Atlas Peak and told him that the gods were unhappy with his sacrifices, and that Zigurat demanded the sacrifice of a human. Ziggurathura was horrified and infuriated at the notion and went to confront his father. Then Aser went to Ziggurat and informed him that his son was refusing to sacrifice his excess livestock.

When the father and son met atop Atlas Peak the next day, they ended their pact, both believing the other party had broken it. Humanity was released from he protection and control of the gods freeing them to create their own nation. Even though Ziggurathura I broke the pact under false pretenses, he is still honored as the empire’s founder and savior of humanity for his bold proclamation of humanity’s freedom.

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Atlas Peak

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