Vital Stats

Name: Balthazar Age: Unknown
Race: Worg Gender: Male
Class: Worg Chieftain Current Status: Deceased


Balthazar is the brother of the great Worg King Fenrir. After his brother’s execution by Fei-Lin his heir Shalira was too young to rule so Balthazar ascended to the throne and took Fenrir’s mate Lady Frigga. Balthazar is reckless and aggressive in his leadership, contradicting his brother’s more peaceful approach toward relations with the Elves. Fearing having to relinquish power when Shalira reached maturity, Balthazar took the cub far away to Seine and tried to kill her.

Balthazar encountered the party for a short time, and was maimed and blinded in one eye during the encounter. After taking twenty living Elves from Fen he was pursued by the party, and his claim to the throne was challenged on the basis of a corpse that they thought to be Shalira’s. Balthazar sent his men after the party only to have them uncover the real (and living)Shalira in Stanley’s camp. Balthazar diappeared shortly after this discovery.

When Balthazar fled to the forest, his condition worsened significantly and he was found by the Drow and subsequently used to allow them access into Fen. He was killed by Abbidon aided by a pack of Worgs to prevent Drow from entering the city.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa Abbidon729