Vital Stats

Name: Bruteclaw Age: 41
Race: Orc Gender: Male
Class: Barbarian Current Status: Deceased


Bruteclaw spent most of his life working as a mercenary with his best friend Hrothgar. Neither of them were ever able to settle down, because most of the money they made as mercenaries was spent on alcohol. The two found work with the group of bandits known as The Armageddon. They soon became frustrated because most of their jobs were in the mainland of the Kingdom of Ziggurathura, where there was a strictly enforced prohibition. When The Armageddon attacked Oslo’s Grove, the Orcs defected against their master Tobias Grimtooth when they were offered a flagon of fine Dwarven ale by Ryld Argith.

After helping defend Oslo’s Grove they were offered a position by a Deep City Senator as body guards. Enticed at the offer of being able to work in one of the larges alcohol producing cities in the world, they took the offer. The two Orcs encountered the party once again in Deep City and helped them sneak into the coronation of the new Arch-Bishop on Atlas Peak. After the party was publicly accused of heresy, a riot broke out in Deep City. During the commotion Bruteclaw and Hrothgar were attacked by an Archlord in a white cape, and Bruteclaw was killed.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby