Vital Stats

Name: Cain Zinderfellow Age: 68
Race: Gnome Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer Current Status: Unknown


Cain Zinderfellow is the twin brother of the eminent wizard Galuf Zinderfellow. Cain showed the same promise that Galuf did at a young age, but was not admitted into the Academy of Scion because of his bitter and aggressive nature. After his brother left for the academy Cain was left to develop his arcane prowess by himself. As a result his arcane repetoire is erratic and bizzare. Some areas he excels in being able to cast spells and craft items that no other mage on the continent can, yet in other areas he is inept and almost devoid of abillity. Cain’s crowning achievement was the creation of a crystal ball which could see anything that its user desired. He became so taken with his creation, which he began to refer to as “his eyes” that he gazed into it constantly until its warm glow slowly burnt away his pupils and retinas.

Cain lived a quiet life alone with his crystal ball until one day his brother returned with an important favor to ask. Galuf needed to bury his friend Jaden in the Temple of Yggdrasil so that his body would remain intact when his spirit returned. Cain claims that during this visit Galuf stole the crystal ball from him out of jealousy. To get back at his brother Cain stole a crystal that Galuf was carrying and buried it with Jaden’s body. No one quite knows how Cain entered Yggdrasil since its entrance is well guarded.

After breaking into the temple Cain was banished from Fen. In his old age he became a bigot toward the very race he had grown up with. He moved his house into a large tree on the border between the Elvin territory and the Drowlands so that he would not be controlled by either government. It was in this new residence that he was visited by Jaden who had obtained the crystal ball when he posessed Stanley’s body. Jaden, who Cain refers to as “the man with two voices” promised to give him his precious treasure back in exchange for information about the Drow.

After The Battle of Fen Cain was captured by The Archlords and was taken to their base where his psychic connection to others taken by the glass is used to gather information about the party and other targets.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby