Vital Stats

Name: Daven Age: 32
Race: Human Gender: Male
Class: Ranger Current Status: Alive


Daven was the youngest member of the original party, aiding them fight off the empire when he was just a boy. He became an accomplished fighter, rivaling some of the Empire’s greatest warriors in his skill with a bow. Daven developed a strong relationship with Thorin during this time, and looked up to him as a father figure. When the party stormed the hideout of the Archlords they forced Daven to stay behind because of his age. They were betrayed by Horace Bartleby and killed, leaving Daven one of the only ones left alive.

p.After young Horace Bartleby’s mother was killed by the empire, Daven adopted him. In exchange, the child’s future self gave him control of the Mercenary’s Guild. The older Horace foretold that the child he raised would one day kill him. Knowing his fate, Daven guarded himself from all emotions and devoted his life to destroying the Empire before his death at Horace’s hands.

Now Daven is the leader of the Mercenary’s Guild, a powerful private military which rivals the strength of the Empire’s. He is a descendant of the Seers, and has championed the cause of stopping the Empire’s genocide against those with Seer blood. In his youth Daven worked with many of the party member’s parents, to fight the empire.

Eventually the rest of the party sought out Daven for help when the Empire began to pursue them. Daven offered them protection in exchange for their help stopping the Empire. Now they share the quest of collecting the six crystals before the empire does. Daven provides the party with guidance and directives in their quest. They often meet in secret or communicate through messenger pigeons, because if the Empire discovered that the Mercenary’s Guild was actively undermining the Empire, a civil war might break out.

Despite their close working relationship, the party knows little about Daven’s past. Even Horace doesn’t fully understand him. His knowledge is far reaching, and often knows things that would be seemingly impossible for him to, giving off a strange illusion of omnipotence. Daven has alluded that there is more to the Empire’s secret war than the party understands, but has been silent on any details.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby