Emperor of Deep City

Vital Stats

Name: Unknown Age: Unknown
Race: Dwarf Gender: Male
Class: Unknown Current Status: Unknown


The Emperor of Deep City has enjoyed a long and peaceful reign as the head of the the Deep Council mostly thanks to his cooperation with the nearby Empire of Ziggurathura. Several years ago the Inevitable Legion arrived in Deep City, to help maintain order in the city. The emperor had heard legends of these clockwork men built by the Cloud Empire, and knew that their programming was infallible, and prevented them from causing harm. The Emperor quickly installed the Legion as a new order keeping institution and appointed their leader, Sheriff Zed, to the Deep Council.

When the party entered Deep City, the council was put under pressure to give them up, because they were fugitives from Ziggurathura. Deep City had a longstanding tradition of being a political asylum for enemies of Ziggurathura, and the emperor refused to give them up. After the party was accused of heresy, a riot broke out against the Deep Council for granting them asylum. Despite the large amount of authoritative power given to the Inevitable Legion, nothing was done to stop the riots, and the Deep Council was temporarily unseated from power. The Ziggurathurian Empire used the riots to stage a coup and capture Deep City. The emperor then discovered that the Inevitable Legion had been corrupted, and had been working for the enemies of Deep City.

With the help of the Mercenary’s Guild, the coup was overthrown, and the Deep Council was reinstated. Outraged at the bold actions of Ziggurathura, and the selfless aid given by the party and the guild, The Emperor ended the era of Deep City’s docile cooperation with Ziggurathura, and aligned Deep City with the Mercenary’s Guild

The Emperor went to Lucien Moonshadow’s manor when called for council, but was attacked by bandits and a dragon on his journey there where one of his personal body guards was killed. As an ally of the guild he seems very reluctant to go against Emperor Ziggurathura XIIIbecause of his religious significance, and is very suspicious of Lorian Luskan due to his gift of prophecy without any apparent aid of the Gods.

Appears In

Emperor of Deep City

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