Vital Stats

Name: Ulrich Espher Age: Unknown
Race: Human Gender: Male
Class: Governor Current Status: Alive


Espher was the pilot of an airship in the Cloud Empire 300 years ago. His capitol ship crashed, where he and his crew were frozen in suspended animation instantly by a chemical called grave winter. Espher was awoken centuries later to find that his homeland had been destroyed by Horace Bartleby in order to form the Mercenary’s Guild and gain an upper hand in the war for the crystals. Since then Espher has worked for Gantz in order to take vengeance on Horace.

Espher is an Archlord who was put in charge of Bastion to replace The Shadow. He uses lofty rhetoric and his own personal militia to influence his subjects and has a mysterious heritage. His previous career was working as a spy in Deep City where he orchestrated the murders of several nobles including Kadghar’s former master. He killed Bruteclaw during The Battle of Deep City.

In order to take power, he unleashed a deadly plague on Bastion and locked up all of the citizens who had become infected and left them to die. He has also instituted a prohibition on all liquor (which was being used to administer the plague) in the city and closed off the sea lanes.

Espher aligned himself with the party briefly to recover his old crew and a crystal from a broken capitol ship, but after discovering the death of his old crew attempted to crash the ship into Bastion.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby