Fei Lin

Vital Stats

Name: Fei Lin Age: 52
Race: Human Gender: Male
Class: Noble Current Status: Alive


At a young age Fei Lin went to the Farlands seeking adventure and fortune. After several years of successfully campaigning against the orcs he rose in military rank and eventually became a decorated general. He was promised a colony in the exotic continent, but the empire eventually abandoned their attempts at colonization. Fei Lin was shipped back to his native kingdom. His adventurers instincts eventually faded away after decades of living a comfortable life as a noble.

When the Empire wished to extend a greater influence over their colony of Fen, Fei Lin was chosen to be appointed Consul, sharing the government with the Elvin monarchy of Lady Fey, and a senate composed of humans and elves. Fei Lin has encountered a great deal of trouble in his governance of Fen, largely because Lady Fey and her followers frequently attempt to undermine everything he does.

Early in Fei-Lin’s carreer, out of disgust for the practice of feeding Elvin bodies to Worgs, he ordered the Worg king Fenrir to be executed. Instead of solving them this action exacerbated problems between the elves and the Worgs. Unlike Fenrir who sought peace and understanding between the two peoples, his successor Balthazar held an aggressive view towards the elves. Since that time, dealing with the Worgs has largely been Fei-Lin’s responsibillity since he is indirectly responsible for anhy harm Balthazar causes to Fen.

Fei Lin holds a great deal of admiration for the party. Their adventures remind him of his youth, and their courage is a shining example of what he considers to be a dying breed of hero. When he learned of their heroic deeds he set out to investigate the conspiracies that they were fighting against including the existence of the Archlords. He was able to find the information quite easily and continued to research going so far as finding the location of their hideout, before he was captured by them.

The party rescued Fei Lin from the temple of Yggdrasil and exposed a fake consul that had been posing as him. During the Drow invasion of the city Fei Lin was taken away by Daven to safety after Lady Fey died. He is now the sole ruler of Fen and must take responsibility for the future of whatever is left of it.

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Fei Lin

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