Felix Grandbarter

Vital Stats

Name: Felix Grandbarter Age: 30
Race: Human Gender: Male
Class: Merchant Current Status: Alive


Felix is a merchant from Bastion, who travels the world to pedal his wares. He specializes in meeting the needs of adventurers. He is known for his tattered appearance and sometimes cruel sense of humor. He is a bane to honest merchants, because they are the main suppliers of the stolen merchandise he hocks. He was captured by the archlords and his identity was used in an elaborate scheme to kill off the party members in attempt to enter the Temple of Yggdrasil, but was freed when the party discovered the plot.

After Espher took over Bastion he found a niche in selling identification papers of dead people, which he poses as a mortician named “Dr. Titus” to obtain. He is also the requisition officer for The Shadow’s pirate crew.

Appears In

Felix Grandbarter

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