Name Fen Location The Virgil Forest
Population 36,000 Allegiance The Empire


Legend has it that the colossal tree Yggdrasil was the first living organism on the planet. It was worshipped and cultivated by an elder race which inhabited the Virgil Forest before mankind existed. The forest’s first inhabitants were powerful weavers of magic and put in place spells to protect the great tree from harm. Before recorded history, the elder race fled the planet for an unknown reason and entrusted the nomadic Elf tribes with the duty of protecting Yggdrasil. The elves built the city of Fen, with the great tree at its heart. The magical force field put in place by the elder race forbade intruders from entering the city. Only those born within the city’s walls could temporarily lift these barriers and enter Fen (or allow others entrance).

Before recorded history, a rift occurred in Elvin ideology. A minority group of Elves believed that the elder race was a blight on the planet and their tree was a parasite that would eventually destroy the world and its inhabitants. These dissenting elves called themselves the Drow and eventually left the Great Tree to create their own settlements.

As time passed both civilizations grew in size and power. The city of Fen extended into the canopies of Yggdrasil, and the Drow (whose skin had been tainted by the frequent use of dark magic) hoped to one day return to Fen and destroy the Great Tree. That day soon came and the Drow mounted a large scale invasion of the city. They were weak in numbers so direct conflict would lead to certain defeat. In order to thin the Elvin population, the Drow waged a war of attrition, using their magic to create a race of demonic wolves known as the Worgs who fed on Elves. In spite of the Drow’s fierce dark magic and Worg companions the Elves managed to defend the city and push the Drow further back into the forest. In order to prevent a second invasion, the Elvin Queen Lyndis ordered the city militia to scour the Drow lands and purge them of any Drow that were born within the magical barriers of Fen (so that they would no longer be granted access into the city). Many innocent Drow civilians were killed in this purge and it forever severed any hopes of peace between the two races.

The human empire of Ziggaruthura, during their era of expansion, recognized the Elvin City’s great potential and sent out their armies to acquire it. Even though the Elvin Army remained in disarray from the Drow invasion, the city’s magical barrier prevented human invasion. King Ziggarathura XIII sent his men to the Drow lands in hopes of finding a surviving Fen Born Drow who would allow the human armies entrance to the city. Eventually a Drow who would come to be known as the Last Born was found and agreed to help Ziggarathura’s men.

The humans intended to purge the elves from the city, and establish their own colony around the great tree. The Elvin Queen Lyndis, in a moment of desperation, held negotiations with the Worg Chieftain Fenrir. She argued that if the genocide on the city of Fen was successful, the Worg food supply would be diminished and both races would be extinct. The Elves and Worgs came to an agreement known by the citizens of Fen as the Unholy Entente. This agreement stipulated that if the Worg armies aided in the city’s defense, the Elves would allow Worgs to breed within the city, thus allowing them entrance into the city to feed. With the help of the Worgs, the Elves and Humans came to a stalemate. The two nations reached a compromise that a new government would be installed in the city. Even though the city would now technically be owned by the humans, the new government would contain three branches; one controlled by the humans, another by the Elvin Monarchy, and the third by a senate whose members consisted of both Elves and Humans.

The very foundation of Fen was shaken when the drow, using a deposed Worg chief, entered the city for the first time in centuries. The imperial regiments that were sent to aid the city could do little to stop the invasion and the elves were left largely on their own to defend themselves. During the battle the magical barriers that protected the city were destroyed and Lady, the daughter of High Queen Lyndis died leaving the Elvin monarchy without an heir.

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