Vital Stats

Name: Fenrir Age: Unknown
Race: Worg Gender: Male
Class: Worg Chieftain Current Status: Deceased


Fenrir is the late king of the Worgs. He was a wise ruler and knew the only way that the Worgs could thrive was through peace and understanding with their only source of food, the Elves. He and his mate Lady Frigga helped suppress the instincts of their people to attack the Elves. Fenrir was killed when the newly appointed imperial consul of Fen, Fei-Lin became outraged with the practice of feeding Elvin bodies to Worgs and ordered his execution. Before his death he produced an heir, his daughter Shalira. Since Shalira was too young to rule the Worgs Fenrir’s brother, Balthazar, took the throne.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby