Vital Stats

Name: Galuf Zinderfellow Age: 68
Race: Gnome Gender: Male
Class: Wizard Current Status: Alive


Hailing from the Virgil Forests on the outskirts of the Elven city of Fen, Galuf is one of most renowned magical minds alive. At an early age the magical talents of Galuf and his twin brother Cain were quickly noticed. At the age of twelve both qualified to apply for the Academy of Scion. Cain’s personality proved too erratic to allow him entrance into the academy, however Galuf made the cut and became the youngest student ever to be admitted into the Academy.

During his eight year stay at the Academy, Galuf remained largely isolated from the rest of the world causing him to develop a strong bias against those who were not proficient in the arcane arts. As his powers grew, he became isolated from even his peers, and many came to fear his power. Galuf never seemed to notice that he was moving farther and farther from his friends as he delved deeper and deeper into his studies. As his power grew he met another similarly gifted student named Jaden, who quickly took a shining to himy. Over time Galuf continued to become more and more powerful, and his aptitude even surpassed that of many of his teachers.

One day in Galuf’s last year at the Academy, Jaden returned changed and began to attack students, claiming he had been hired by the empire as an Archlord to destroy the academy. Galuf was tasked with killing Jaden. Even though his powers greatly surpassed those of the assailant, Galuf could not bring himself to kill his only friend. Instead he banished Jaden’s soul to another plane and hid the body in his old home. Galuf hoped that over time Jaden would reform in his otherworldly prison, and that someday he could be released. In order to preserve Jaden’s body he had his brother Cain, bury him in the Temple of Yggdrasil in Fen. During the encounter Galuf aquired his brother’s magical glass which could find any person or object no matter how well hidden or how great the distance. Cain stole a crystal in Galuf’s possession after the glass was taken from him.

For showing mercy, Galuf was excommunicated from the academy and he went to live the life of a hermit in the small outpost of Bugbear Crossing. The arcane prodigy, with the help of his servant Amadeus, quickly gained a reputation in the outpost and spent forty years aiding the small settlement with his magical gifts, while continuing his studies. He also befriended the leaders of the nearby Drow settlement of the [Hidden Village]], particularly their Treant guardian Swift Pine. Despite living in exile, Galuf is quite respected around the world. He often uses his abilities to help defend nations like Fen that do not have an army to protect them.

One day, Galuf’s worst fears came true, and Jaden escaped back into the material plane. Galuf went to confront Jaden but was betrayed by Amadeus who was actually Jaden’s familiar. Galuf would have been killed by his old colleague but the party managed to save him, but Jaden managed to escape unnoticed. When Galuf realized that Jaden had not perished, he and Swift Pine began a journey to the Virgil Forest in order to rectify the mistake which had haunted him for forty years. Shortly after he arrived he first recovered the Wizard’s Glass from Jaden and went to Fen only to just miss the adventurers, before meeting them in the Worg watering hole the next morning. He helped orchestrate an elaborate scheme to aid the adventurers in gaining entrance to the temple of Yggdrasil, which involved them becoming famous and faking their own deaths.

Galuf aided fend of the Drow invasion of Fen and squared off against Headmaster Scion in a duel for possession of Jaden’s body. He indicated that he had caused the burns on the headmasters face, alluding that there was more to the conflict which resulted in Jaden’s attack on the academy and Galuf’s expulsion than he let on.

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