Vital Stats

Name: Gantz Age: unknown
Race: Angel Gender: Male
Class: Seer Current Status: Deceased


Gantz was one of the seers who was employed by Adam to harness the powers of God. Like the other Seers he eventually betrayed his master when asked to destroy reality and fled to earth where he was persecuted by the Empire. Gantz managed to outlive his comrades and returned to secretly take over the Empire and scavenge the planet for the crystals his comrades left behind in an attempt to avenge their deaths by fulfilling Adam’s final directive. He created the Archlords in order to secretly hunt for the crystals and the descendants of the other seers, who could potentially activate the crystals themselves. Despite being the leader of the Archlords very little is known about Gantz, and he only appears in the Archlord hideout to give orders.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby