Horace Bartleby

Vital Stats

Name: Horace Bartleby Age: 17
Race: Halfling Gender: Male
Class: Rogue Current Status: Alive


Horace’s history is so rife with paradox, that it is difficult to chronicle in a linear fashion. Most of the major events in the war for the crystals was caused by his actions in one way or another. Horace began life as a simple thief but at some point in his career he discovered a way to travel through time. The extent of his powers aren’t entirely clear, however he has cited to the fact that he can’t control the precise date of his destination, and that he arrives at different eras through the use of ‘tunnels’. Horace has also hinted that many of the paradoxes that he has caused continue to exist because of some kind of deal he made with Fate.

Horace has used his time travelling abilities to thwart the efforts of the seer Gantz to collect the crystals and destroy the world. This mission has taken him throughout time and he has caused major events in history to fight the Empire such as the destruction of The Cloud Empire and the formation of the Mercenary’s Guild. In his quest he allied himself with Thorin and his party, altering history many times so that their quests for the crystals would succeed. Despite dozens of efforts, Horace could not alter Thorin’s destiny to fail in his quest. In order to preserve the work of Thorin’s party, Horace betrayed them but saved their children in hopes that one day they could continue the quest their father’s were doomed to fail.

At an early age Horace’s mother was killed by the empire because of the blood of the Seers she possessed. He was able to avoid execution, by going back in time and rescuing his childhood self from the Empire. He convinced The Mercenary’s Guild leader Daven, one of two surviving members of Thorin’s party, to raise his past self in the city of Seine. Daven taught young Horace how to fight, and Horace quickly took up the Guild’s cause against the Empire. In order to protect young Horace, Daven told him that the man who betrayed Thorin’s party was his deceased father rather than his future self. As a result Horace grew up idolizing Thorin and detesting the man he thought to be his father for betraying them.

On a routine job to collect a sensitive imperial document, young Horace made a pit stop at Oslo’s Grove in order to steal the crystal which resided there. There, He first encountered the sons of Thorin’s old party. Around this time Oslo’s grove was burned to the ground by Horace’s future self in order to force the party to continue the quest of their fathers. The party was misinformed by the bandits who carried out the deed, and went off chasing the younger Horace believing him to be responsible for the destruction of he village.

In this rash act, Horace managed to reunite the descendants of the Seers, and start a civil war between the Empire and The Mercenary’s Guild over the remaining crystals. Eventually Horace encountered the party a second time, but this time joined them to help defeat the empire. For almost a year he traveled with them to collect the crystals.

When the party set out for Bastion, Horace secretly joined them, directly disobeying an order from Daven and a strict warning from Lorian Luskan. Part of the reason for this decision was to meet a legendary thief named the Shadow who had ruled Bastion for hundreds of years, but was recently imprisoned by the Empire. During their time in Bastion the party freed The Shadow, and Horace came to the horrifying discovery that the fallen dictator was actually his future self (who at that time he believed to be his father).

As the events in Bastion unraveled Horace learned the truth about who he was. Now he is forced to knowingly walk in the footsteps of the future self he has spent his entire life despising, a path which, if faltered from, would create a time paradox which would unravel the events leading up to the party’s formation and end their quest for good.

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Horace Bartleby

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