Horace Bartleby Senior

Vital Stats

Name: Horace Bartleby Age: Unknown
Race: Halfling Gender: Male
Class: Rogue Current Status: Unknown


Horace Bartleby has an infamous reputation of being a powerful thief in the Empire of Ziggurathura.He used his expertise to aid Thorin and his party in their struggle against the empire, however when they stormed the camp of the Archlords Bartleby betrayed them, leaving his son in their care. He used to control the bandit army “The Armageddon” which he ordered to burn down Oslo’s Grove.

Since and before then Horace has spent most of his time under the pseudonym “The Shadow” where he has reportedly ruled Bastion for 300 years. He claims to be immortal and has a terrible memory which is supplemented by a large scroll where he keeps immaculate detailed notes about the details of his life and affairs.

Appears In

The Empire’s Shadow

Horace Bartleby Senior

Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby