Vital Stats

Name: Jaden Age: Age: 13
Race: Half-Elf Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer Current Status: Alive (but spirit and body are separated)


Jaden was a renowned sorcerer who after graduating the Academy of Scion became a practitioner of dark magic. The empire took notice of his aptitude in the dark arts and recruited him as an Archlord. His first mission was to destroy his old Academy. Jaden was stopped by his old colleague, Galuf Zinderfellow. Galuf took pity on Jaden, and instead of killing him removed his soul from his body, and banished his soul to another dimension.

Forty years later Jaden was freed and he began to search for his body. He inhabited the bodies of small creatures for several days, until he found Screaming FistDrow whose heart had descended into darkness after failing the entrance examination of The Academy of Scion. Jaden manipulated the young Drow and used him to lure Galuf into his lair. Before Jaden could learn the location of his body, the party arrived and destroyed the body he inhabited. As they left, Jaden entered Galuf’s Crystal ball and was able to discover his body was hidden in the Virgil Forest near the city of Fen.

Since his body had been found, Jaden had no reason to remain working for the Archlords and defected, killing Lady Nocturne. Jaden set off for the city of Fen in the vampire Kazrai Sato’s body. Since he was not able to access Fen directly he went to the house of Cain Zinderfellow to find out information about the city’s largest political enemy, the Drow, in exchange for Galuf’s crystal ball. It is unknown to what extent Jaden is using the Drow in his play for his body, but it is known that he has been providing them with gunpowder from the stores of his host Kazrai Sato.

When Jaden arrived in the forest, he approached Cain Zinderfellow a gnomish exile who had learned how to enter the city through teleportation from the last member of the elder race left on earth. He used this knowledge to build a large farcaster that would grant him access to the city, and in exchange for gunpowder from the empire, used Drow equipment to build it.

Jaden entered the temple killing many of the members of the party and finally reunited with his body. When he did so, the personalities of all the people he had possessed combined creating a new composite personality to inhabit the body. In this way Jaden was reborn, the vengeful and malicious sorceror’s memories diluted by the personalities of the thousands of innocents he had exploited to reclaim his body. Jaden still retains most of his magical abilities but can only sporadically use them since his most of his knowledge is trapped inside a few memories among many. Usually his powers manifest in moments of danger or intense anger.

On such instance of when this occurred was when Screaming Fist’s mentor Swift Pine was killed by Lady Fey sending him into a fit of rage and destroying the magical walls of Fen.

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