Jonas Boyle

Vital Stats

Name: Jonas Boyle Age: 48
Race: Human Gender: Male
Class: Commoner Current Status: Deceased


Jonas Boyle was a successful inn proprietor in the village of Oslo’s Grove. His merriment and spirit of citizenship quickly brought him to prominence in the grove. Jonas’ only flaw was his ambition, and he would often travel to the capitol in search of his next get-rich-quick scheme. It was on one of these journeys that he found two infants on the side of the road, and didn’t think twice in his decision to raise them as his own. Ryld and Abadon grew into fine young men, and Jonas instilled in them his adventurous spirit.

One day the Archlord Alysha came to the grove and manipulated Jonas’ memory to make him believe that she was his daughter. Ryld and Abadon did not realize her deception until much later, but Jonas soon caught on and confronted his impostor daughter. In order to continue deceiving Ryld and Abadon, Alysha killed Jonas, and modified his memory to make him believe that his murder was Tobias Grimtooth

Appears In

Jonas Boyle

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