Kazrai Sato

Vital Stats

Name: Kazrai Sato Age: 112
Race: Drow/Vampire Gender: Male
Class: Cleric Current Status: Alive (but under Jaden’s control)


Kazrai Sato is one of the most cutthroat businessmen in the city of Seine. He runs a lucrative war diamond trade, and uses his occult powers to sway customers and competitors. Sato grew up in poverty, never concerned with honor or politics. He never lusted for gold or immortality, he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. When vampires descended upon his neighborhood their leader, Lord Alabastor, was fascinated with the young Sato and allowed him to join their bloodline.

Sato traveled with the vampires for over half a century, until they were found by a hunter and eradicated. As the last remaining member of the Alabastorian bloodline Sato went back to the city of his youth and began Sato enterprises, which quickly took hold of virtually all of the sectors of Seine’s economy. He enticed young virgins from the city into his mansion using his vampiric charisma to charm them. After he grew bored with them, he would feed off of them and seek a new lover. As he became more influential he gained the attention of the archlords, and Lady Nocturne of the Draculian bloodline offered to mate with Sato in exchange for the use of his significant wealth. Enticed at the idea of doing his master honor by mating with a member of the prestigious bloodline of Lord Dracula, Sato took the offer.

Working under Lady Nocturne Sato met Ryld Argith, whose prowess in combat and sinister soul intrigued him. Sato bit Ryld twice (once more and he will become a full fledged vampire), in hopes to one day make him an apprentice. Jaden informed Sato that Lady Nocturne never intended to mate with him and had actually used her own vampiric charisma to deceive him into accepting the offer. Enraged at this idea, Sato agreed to lend Jaden his body, in exchange for help exacting vengeance on Lady Nocturne.

Appears In

Kazrai Sato

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