Lady Fey

Vital Stats

Name: Lady Fey Age: 70 (around 20-25 in human years)
Race: Elf Gender: Female
Class: Gryphon Knight Current Status: Deceased


Lady Fey is the princess of the Elvin city of Fen. She is the only daughter of High Queen Lyndis, the most revered queen of Fen. Shortly before her mothers death, Fen was ceded to the Empire, stripping Lady Fey of the throne that she was destined to inherit. Now she only controls a single branch of the city’s governance and looks upon the other two branches, the Imperial consul Fei Lin and the senate, with disdain. She even went so far as to try to have Fei Lin impeached when he almost lost twenty Elvin citizens to the Worgs. Lady Fey controls the city’s only military force, the Order of the Gryphon. She has a small but dedicated following of old line elves that support her in her attempts to undermine the Empire’s control of the city. She often shoves aside the courtesies and subtleties of imperial politics, and reverts to the aggressive warrior nature of her Elvin heritage. As of recently her main concern has been dealing with a possible Drow invasion of Fen, although it is unclear at this point whether she is raising this issue as a legitimate concern or simply trying to bolster the only part of Fen’s government that she still has complete control over.

Lady Fey became increasingly hostile towards Fei Lin and his supporters when she discovered that the Drow were using imperial gunpowder. This led her to believe that the Empire was trying to finance an invasion of her city to wrest what little control she had, and she began an aggressive attempt to retake her position. Unbenknownst to her the supplier of gunpowder was a defecting imperial agent and there was no conspiracy. When the Drow finally did invade she died attempting to exact justice for what she believed caused the downfall of her city from Fei Lin and the party members.

Appears In

Lady Fey

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