Lady Nocturne

Vital Stats

Name: Lady Nocturne Age: 564
Race: Elf/Vampire Gender: Female
Class: Unknown Current Status: Deceased


Lady Nocturne was a powerful member of the Draculian bloodline who helped the Archlords accomplish their goals by manipulating their enemies through seduction using her vampiric charisma. Nocturne realized that the wealthy merchant Kazrai Sato would be a powerful asset to the archlords and used her powers to force him into servitude in exchange for her hand in marriage.

When Jaden defected from the archlords he lifted the illusion on Sato so he could take control of his body. Jaden then informed Sato’s mistress, Mercedes, of Nocturne’s promise. The young girl became enraged and strapped vials of holy water to herself, and dove off the top of Deep City onto Lady Nocturne, destroying both of them.

Appears In

Lady Nocturne

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