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The Wrath of the Ursa Wiki is your go-to source for everything relating to The Dungeons and Dragons Wrath of the Ursa Campaign. The game world presented in Wrath of the Ursa (WOTU) is different than any other published game world for Dungeons and Dragons. In order to succeed in this world you will need to know about it (at least enough to have an idea of what you are doing.)

The good news is you wont have to read every page to have a firm idea of what’s going on. The wiki is designed to be used for reference during game sessions much like the Players Handbook. It is an ever-evolving record of every relevant piece of information you come across in the WOTU world. If you come across a name that you’ve heard before during your travels but can’t quite remember all of the information about it, this site will give you all the relevant information you need. In order to help you enjoy sessions as much as possible I will post relevant pages, before every session so you can bone up on pertinent information surrounding the events of the next adventure.

There is only one caveat that you must understand when reading the wiki. It is written based on the party’s perception of the world; therefore some information presented in it may be contradictory, paradoxical, or flat-out wrong. The narrative of Wrath of the Ursa is filled with betrayals, plot twists, and intrigue, and large amounts of information can be changed in one session with the introduction of new plot elements. This site is designed as an authentic representation of your character’s knowledge, and part of that authenticity is misinformation.

Note: Yes this is a wiki, and yes you can edit it, but that is not its intended purpose. A lot of work has gone into and is going into this wiki, and vandalism will not only hurt your hard working DM’s feelings but will hamper the experience of other players. Its my intention to one day use this as a tool to initiate new players into our sessions, and it would greatly be appreciated if we could keep it professional and clean for prospective players. Let’s save the inside jokes for during play sessions. If there’s something you feel would contribute to the wiki, you may edit it, but let me know so that I can ensure that it is uniform with the style and tone of the rest of the articles.






Main Page

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