Vital Stats

Name: Mercedes Age: 19
Race: Human/Vampire Gender: Female
Class: Commoner Current Status: Deceased


Mercedes was one of the many young peasant girls enticed by the romantic promises of the vampire and cutthroat businessman, Kazrai Sato. Sato planned on killing her and feeding on her, but was called away by his boss and intended Lady Nocturne. In need of someone to guard the house, Sato made the hasty decision to turn Mercedes into a vampire under the pretense of a promise of marriage. When the party invaded Sato’s mansion, Mercedes followed her master to Deep City. There she met Jaden who informed her that Sato was actually planning to marry Lady Nocturne. Enraged, Mercedes attached vials of holy water to herself and dove off the top of Deep City onto Lady Nocturne, killing both of them.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby