Oslo's Grove

Name Oslo’s Grove Location The Imperial Planes
Population 80 Allegiance Mercenary’s Guild


Five hundred years ago clusters of human farmers began to settle fertile areas of the Imperial planes. The early pioneers of the area faced tough competition for land and resources from the more organized Elven settlers, and the miners from Deep City. As the Elves began to recede back into the forests, and the Dwarven mining projects in that area collapsed, larger human settlements began to rise.

Oslo’s Grove was one such settlement, which had the benefit of a friendly relationship with a nearby elven tribe. One day the leaders of the elven tribe obtained a crystal and built a subterranean shrine to keep it. As time passed all of the elves began to spend more and more time in the shrine until one day they locked themselves underground and never resurfaced. Around the same time, several of the settlers of Oslo’s Grove began acting strangely and even went as far as attacking other members of the village. The town leaders came together and discovered that the crystal’s magic had been leaking into the soil and infecting the crops. They confronted the elves about this problem, but they refused to get rid of the crystal. After several years of tolerance, the villagers finally entered the elven shrine and murdered all of its inhabitants. They sealed the crystal in a giant magically reinforced lead chest, preventing its magical powers from ever reaching them again.

The Village remained quiet for many years until it was attacked by a group of bandits led by the archlord Tobias Grimtooth who were searching for the very crystal that had been locked away. The town’s Mayor led a volunteer militia against the bandits. In the ensuing battle most of the village was burnt to the ground.

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Oslo's Grove

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