Screaming Fist

Vital Stats

Name: Screaming Fist (Sinder under Jaden’s Influence) Age: 20
Race: Drow Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer Current Status: Deceased


Screaming Fist was the most talented and promising sorcerer in the small Drow settlement, The Hidden Village. He spent his entire life working to gain entrance into The Academy of Scion. He was mentored by Galuf Zinderfellow, a renowned wizard who had been exiled to the nearby village of Bugbear Crossing. Finally with the help of the other villagers and years of work he was able to travel to the Capitol City to take the entrance exam. Screaming Fist failed the exam and returned to his home disheartened and sank into a deep depression.

After that point in his life, Screaming Fist spent much of his time wandering the forest alone. One day he was confronted by the spirit of the dark wizard Jaden. Jaden enticed him with promise of the power of dark magic, convincing him that he did not need the academy. Screaming Fist became Jaden’s apprentice and abandoned the name given to him by his village, and adopting the new name Sinder. As Sinder served his new master, he began to lose his own free will, until he agreed to help Jaden kill Sinder’s old mentor Galuf.

Jaden’s Plans failed when the party stopped him and saved Galuf. In a latch ditch effort Jaden made on last attack at his nemesis. Reverting back to his old self momentarily at the sight of Galuf in danger, Screaming Fist lept in front of the blow taking it at full force. Screaming fist was killed by the blow, but died as his former honorable self.

Appears In

Screaming Fist

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