Name The Seers Headquarters The Celestial Cannon (The Ursa)
Number of Members 6 Allegiance None


It is said that beyond the stars there exists an entity more powerful than the gods themselves. Once this entity controlled a powerful weapon called the celestial cannon which could destroy an entire plane of existence. The weapon was used to destroy places of great evil which threatened the existence of the cosmos. It was operated by six powerful angels called the Seers.

One day the Seers were told to destroy earth, but they questioned the need to destroy it. As a result they were exiled from their home, and fled to the world they had taken pity on. At first mankind met them with open arms, happily embracing their magic and technology. When the Empire learned of the Seers’ origin, they were persecuted, and once again forced to flee into exile. During their life in hiding, they began to worry that when they died the knowledge of how to operate the celestial cannon would be lost, and evil might one day spread across the cosmos. In order to preserve their powers they each created a crystal embedded with their knowledge, and mated with the people of earth to preserve their bloodline.

The Empire lashed out against this behavior, killing all of the seers, and anyone with seer blood they could find. The genocide against them continues to this day, and many have been secretly slain for having blood that they often don’t even know runs through their veins. Over the last 200 years, the empire has also began to search for the crystals in order to carry out their own unknown agenda.

Notable Members


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