Name Seine Location The Yuna Marshes
Population 52,000 Allegiance The Empire


Before Ziggurathura I ascended to the throne, the human empire was largely ruled by powerful ruling families. Those unwilling to come together under one emperor or relinquish their status in the old rule migrated to the other end of the river Tidus and settled there. The city of Seine is ruled by tradition, and largely controlled by the same lords that settled it. The elite guards of Seine, the samurai, ensure that these traditions are are upheld and are the only ones allowed to carry weapons inside the city. In its past Seine was a walled city of secrets, that only those summoned by the noble warlords could enter earning it the nickname, the forbidden city.

In recent times, the city’s secretive nature is only upheld in its innermost district. The outer districts bustle with immigrant activity and trade. Even though Seine was originally a separatist movement from the Ziggurathurian Empire, mutually beneficial trade relations, and the increasing size of the empire’s army led the lords to cede the city to them as a vassal state. Over time the city’s noble lineage has begun to die out, and fewer and fewer samurai walk its streets. Many fear that Seine may soon lose the traditions which for centuries have guided it.

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