Vital Stats

Name: Shalira (aka Buddy) Age: 1
Race: Worg Gender: Female
Class: Worg Cub Current Status: Alive


Shalira is the daughter of the late Worg king Fenrir. When her father was executed by Fei Lin, she was too young to rule over the Worgs, so her uncle Balthazar took the throne. Fearing losing power when she matured, Balthazar took Shalira to Seine and tried to kill her. Shalira was gravely injured by this encounter but was rescued and raised back to health unwittingly by Stanley.

Stanley cared for Shalira believing her to be a domesticated dog whom he called “Buddy”. The two quickly bonded to one another and only parted when Jaden took control of her master’s body.

Shalira was rediscovered by her people when they assaulted Stanley’s camp while pursuing the party. Shalira was put back into power under the care of her new master.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby