Sheriff Zed

Vital Stats

Name: Sheriff Zed Age: Over 500 Years Old
Race: Inevitable Gender: None
Class: Inevitable Current Status: Deceased


Sheriff Zed is the leader of the Inevitable Legion a group of clockwork androids programmed to keep order by the Cloud Empire. During the Cloud War, the Legion was sent to a listening post in Deep City, to spy on the Ziggurathurian Empire. When the Cloud Empire was destroyed, the Legion remained stationed and continued to carry out their directive. Unfortunately the listening post they had found was actually an ancient Dwarven Temple centered around a giant magnetic lodestone.

Over time the magnetic currents warped their circuits allowing the become corrupted by the Archlords. The Archlords sent Sheriff Zed and the Legion to Deep City where they convinced the emperor to install them in the Deep Council and help maintain order in the city. Once all of the Deep City lawmen had been disbanded the Archlords incited a riot and the Legion stayed inactive while Sheriff Zed took the Emperor of Deep City to be assassinated. Luckily the party arrived in the nick of time and destroyed the corrupted android.

Appears In

Sheriff Zed

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