Vital Stats

Name: Stanley Age: 29
Race: Human Gender: Male
Class: Fighter Current Status: Alive


Stanley has lived his entire life in the small village of Oslo’s Grove, and spent most of his career serving in the town guard under Mayor Oslo. Unfortunately he never developed into a particularly competent fighter, and has worked as a B-string guard, tending to the small jail with his partner Alphonso, with whom he has developed a strange and complicated relationship. Stanley looks up to Alphonso as an older brother and often takes orders from him despite their equal rank. Alphonso’s verbal abuse never seems to bother Stanley.

When Tobias Grimtooth attacked Oslo’s Gove, most of the town militia was wiped out, promoting Alphonso and Stanley to Mayor Oslo’s personal body guards by default. Since then they have traveled along with the mayor to support the party across the kingdom and beyond. During their travels in Seine Stanley found a stray mutt who he immediately became attached to, fondly naming him Buddy. Stanley often loses track of his canine companion and has a habit of running off to look for him during dangerous times. On one such occasion Stanley was possessed by the evil wizard Jaden but was rescued by the party.

After being freed from Jaden’s grasp, Stanley went on his own (with Buddy in tow) to try and find Jaden in Fen. Unbeknownst to Stanley his canine friend was actually the Worg princess Shalira. The Order of the Gryphon none too keen to let a Worg into their city, ignored Stanley letting him wander in the forest for several months. Stanley was finally found by the party who were being pursued by Worgs. The chase ended when their pursuers realized Buddy’s true identity. Since Shalira had been raised by a human, none of the Worgs were capable of raising her and ruling as reagent in her stead, leaving Stanley, in a bizzare twist of fate, ruler of the Worgs.

Appears In


Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby