Swift Pine

Vital Stats

Name: Swift Pine Age: unknown (purportedly since the world’s creation)
Race: Treant Gender: Male
Class: Guardian Current Status: Alive


Swift Pine is a Treant guardian responsible for protecting the Drow settlement of the Hidden Village. His life is cyclical and over the course of a 10,000 year cycle transforms from a seed into an Elder Pine Treant. He shares an incredibly close relationship with the people of the village and the wizard of Bugbear Crossing Galuf Zinderfellow.

When Screaming Fist attacked the village, Swift Pine died of grief and old age. The party used an interdimensional rift to speed the flow of time and regrow Swift Pine, in order to enlist his help in the fight against Jaden. When the Drow invaded Fen, Swift Pine took up the task of protecting Jaden from harm when he saw Screaming Fist’s old personality shining through him. He was killed by a pack of Gryphon knights while doing so.

Appears In

Swift Pine

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