The Inevitable Legion

Name The Inevitable Legion Headquarters Mount Forge
Number of Members 200 Allegiance The Empire


During The Cloud War fear spread among The Cloud Empire that Deep City would fall to the Ziggurathurian Empire, thus blocking their passage into the Ziggurathurian mainland. In order to quell any political unrest or rebellion that might arise in the city, they created a group of androids known as the inevitable legion programmed to uphold order.

The Legion established themselves in an ancient temple near the city, and silently protected the city. After The Cloud Empire was destroyed, the legion continued to carry out their duty. Rumors of their existence spread among the populace of Deep City, but none ever worried, because The Cloud Empire was excellent at creating androids, and their righteous programming was believed to be infallible. Over time exposure to a large magnetic lodestone at the mountain’s heart corrupted the legion allowing them to fall under the sway of The Archlords. The Legion revealed themselves, joining the Deep Council and attempted to help the empire stage a coup within the city. The coup failed and the entire legion was destroyed.

Notable Members

The Inevitable Legion

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