The Mercenary's Guild

Name The Mercenary’s Guild Headquarters Seine
Number of Members 30,000+ Allegiance Mercenary’s Guild


During theThe Cloud War the Empire of Ziggurathura began to exhaust their troop supplies fighting and keeping control of their massive territories. Eventually, in order to prevent competition between private military companies for imperial grants from driving down rates and profit, they banded together forming the Mercenary’s Guild.

As time passed the Mercenary’s guild became even more powerful than the imperial army, and uneasy political tensions began to form between the empire and the guild. Even though the guild usually followed imperial directives, since it was their main source of funding, the threat of populist revolt has always loomed in the back of the empire’s mind.

When Daven took control of the guild, he used their resources to secretly harbor fugitives with Seer blood, and retrieve the crystals from the empire. Both Daven and the empire realize that open hostilities could spark a civil war which would destroy both sides, and they have been carrying out a secret war for decades. Recently with The Battle of Deep City, hostilities between the two factions have become apparent, with Deep City aligning itself with the guild. At this point civil war appears imminent.

Notable Members

The Mercenary's Guild

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