Tobias Grimtooth

Vital Stats

Name: Tobias Grimtooth Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown Gender: Male
Class: Unknown Current Status: Alive


Tobias Grimtooth never dies. It’s a fact that has haunted him his entire life which has spanned centuries. With many years of battle experience Grimtooth has become an astounding fighter, and leads a massive army of Bandits called The Armageddon, along with a fierce pack of dragons.

Grimtooth works for the empire as an Archlord, in exchange for the release of death when his mission is complete. He seems genuinely sorrowful for the atrocities he has committed under the service of the empire, but he continues to blindly follow their orders killing hundreds of innocent people in his raids on Oslo’s Grove and Seine. He is in love with Alysha, another archlord, who has promised to erase his memories if the empire fails to allow him to die.

Appears In

Tobias Grimtooth

Wrath of the Ursa HoraceBartleby