Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 6.0: A Spy in the House of Moonshadow

While en route to Lucien Moonshadow’s Mansion Abbidon of the Dark Moon had a vision in which a strange angel was holding the body of Ryld Argith in the Temple of Yggdrasil . A female voice in the background implied that his fallen companions could be useful to them in some way, and that the fact they were dead did not present much of an obstacle. Abbidon awoke from his vision to find that he had been screaming and shooting lightning bolts into the airship’s engine.

The airship came crashing into a clearing outside of Moonshadow Manor. As the party braced for impact they saw a group of dwarves being attacked by bandits and a dragon. They managed to save most of the dwarves from the bandits but the dragon severely damaged the airship before escaping. One of the dwarves removed his helmet to reveal that he was the Emperor of Deep City. He was heading to Moonshadow Manor, because Daven had called for the enemies of the Empire to hold council there.

The Party escorted the emperor to the mansion where Daven inducted the new members into The Mercenary’s Guild. Daven believed the bandit attack was the result of a spy infiltrating their ranks, and tasked the party to find out who it was and report to him. Daven also introduced the party to Lorian Luskan a prophet who somehow used mathematics to predict the future. Luskan originally created The List to find individuals with seer blood who had a high probability of bringing down the empire in order to help Thorin of the Dark Moon recruit party members. When Horace Bartleby Sr. betrayed Thorin’s party the list was leaked the empire, and since then they have been systematically killing everyone whose name appears on it.

During the investigation Abbidon began having visions of Thorin. He realized that the visions were actually Lucien Moonshadow’s memories and the last one showed him making a deal with Alysha. The party descended into the basement to find Lucien only to find him attempting to kill himself. Lucien’s security system triggered and the party had to fight off a giant stone construct. When they questioned Lucien he revealed that in his past he became addicted to The Wizard’s Glass causing fear to overtake him. He saw Horace’s betrayal through the glass but at that point it had caused him to lose all credibility with his party. Eventually Lucien tried to cut a deal with Alysha to erase his identity thus ridding him of the addiction but was unsuccessful. Lucien blamed himself for the deaths of his old party and his son.

He also said that everyone who becomes addicted to the glass is connected and can see through each other’s eyes even when they are not in contact with the glass or each other. Lucien had trained himself not to be susceptible to these intrusions but he guessed that the arch lords were using someone else to spy on Abbidon.



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