Wrath of the Ursa

Adventure 5.4: Jaden's Folly

While the party was descending into the temple of Yggdrasil, another group of adventurers were being held captive by the imperial army for reasons which were not quite clear to them. When their captors set up camp in the forest the group, by convincing a half-wit guard, was able to discover that they had been captured because their name was on some sort of list that compelled imperial soldiers to capture those on it at all costs. They also learned that the army was heading into the forest to defend the elvin city of Fen from a Drow invasion. When the Drow laid siege to the camp, the adventurers were able to escape capture and headed north in attempt to escape the Drow.

Meanwhile, just as the party was about to destroy Jaden’s body, Lady Fey and the Order of the Gryphon swooped in and demanded that Fei Lin and the body be handed over. Not wanting to incur the wrath of the gryphon knights Abbidon of the Dark Moon consented to the Princess’s demands. Moments later Ryld Argith sprung back to life, his body overtaken by Jaden and killed everyone in the party except Abbidon and Horace. The remnants of the party were able to overcome Jaden and were taken from the temple by Uluru.

The other adventurers arrived at a small imperial encampment. Luck was on their side and they were mistaken for Alysha’s party that was supposed to enter the city. The adventurers met Cashius Rex an enthusiastic general who ordered them to investigate rumors of an Elvin secession and the disappearance of the human consul Fei Lin. They also met Headmaster Scion a giant of a man who looked like his face was recently completely burned. The headmaster ordered them to confirm the presence of Galuf Zinderfellow who supposedly was had stolen a piece of the property from The Academy of Scion. The adventurers entered the city where they witnessed a Dryder appear from nowhere and attack a half-elf boy. When they saved the boy, he became very frightened claiming that he had lost his memory and didn’t know where he was. When the adventures asked for the boy’s name he replied it was Jaden.

Abbidon and Horace were fished out of a river by Swift Pine who brought them into an inn where Galuf had quartered the Worgs. Galuf explained that Jaden was able to enter the temple through a farcaster that he had built with the help of the Drow using the teleportation techniques of Uluru that had been passed on to Cain. He believed that he could stop Jaden’s efforts by taking the crystal ball but was mistaken. Abbidon set out to find Shalira so that he could lead the Worgs to storm the castle and rescue Fei Lin.

The two groups crossed paths when both Jaden and Abbidon approached Shalira on the streets of Fen. Before they had much time to figure out what was going on the Drow entered the city, ushered in by an injuredBalthazar. They retreated back to the inn where Swift Pine deduced that upon entering his body, all of the people that Jaden had possessed had come together to form a composite personality inside his body. Galuf warned that such a personality would be highly unstable in a body so magically charged and that Jaden could destroy the city if he had a mental breakdown.

With the Worgs and Swift Pine they set out to take the castle, finishing off Balthazar on the way. Lady Frigga and her platoon fell to a marauding dryder pack that attacked them. When the group reached the castle they found the remnants of a large battle which left hundreds of guards dead. At the end of the carnage they found Kazrai Sato’s body. Jaden became upset at seeing the death of a man who part of him viewed to be himself and Swift Pine escorted him to the entrance. The party pressed forward to find Lady Fey interrogating Fei Lin about a satchel of gunpowder. They attacked and were able to subdue Lady Fey. They asked what was going on and Lady Fey explained that the Drow were using imperial gunpowder, indicating that the empire had financed the invasion. Fei Lin denied the claims and the adventurers decided to allow Lady Fey to be released and help defend the city.

Upon exiting the palace a swarm of Gryphon Knights attacked Swift Pine destroying him. Jaden became furious and let loose a blast of magical energy that shattered the shield around Fen. The party made their way down to the base and headed for the airship. En route Lady Fey attacked demanding that Jaden be handed over. At this point Headmaster Scion emerged and revealed that he had promised Fen independence if Jaden’s body was recovered for the academy. During the battle that ensure Galuf arrived helping the party dispense of Lady Fey and the Headmaster. Lady Fey did not survive the battle leaving Fei Lin to look upon a destroyed kingdom, a burden that now rested solely on his shoulders.

As the party boarded the airship they encountered Daven who told the new adventurers that he could take them to meet the man who wrote the list that their names appeared on.



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